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Origami Moment

Every origami starts out with a valley or Mountain fold. A paper flower is inexpensive
and a fun project to do with kids and friends
Each paper art form may be different.
Origami Art
One of my favorites is to create Sakura flowers
Sakura flowers
Starts out large–sample here in a 15 cm (or 5 7/8″) paper
combining two enchanting traditions–Japanese art of Ikebana (aka flower arrangement) and the ancient practice of origami (aka paper folding.) Five units of paper petal folded and glued together (which some do not consider true origami)
Sakura flowers
Still pretty! One kusudama has 12 modular flowers
Spring Sakura Flowers
Unit sample in 5 cm (or 2″) washi, traditional Japanese paper
60 pieces of washi in all!
Origami Art
Make 12 flowers, then glue into one Kusudama Ball
Spring Flowers
Be very creative with color, size, and form…a full charge will let you have hours of joyous entertainment.
Firework Origami
Same 12-unit Firework origami transforms to various form…like a real firework
Firework Origami
Firework Origami
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Origami Moment" (2)

  1. Great idea, beautiful photos, thank you for your as ever interesting blog post! Every time I read your blog I get all antsy to try out your suggestions!

  2. Kirsten said:

    I LOVE Tomoko Fuse, and the little words of wisdom sprinkled in her books. Love the kusudama. Oh, we could have some fun!

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