A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

one of the most pristine estuaries on the Oregon Coast, which offers excellent opportunities for recreation. So is a preview of Sara Morrison‘s latest double-breasted V-neck vest/gilet

‘Alsi’is the name of the Native American tribe that lived there.–Courtesy of ShibuiKnits

features a clever drop-stitch cable
Alsea Vest Cast On Edge Curled
cable border
Alsea Vest Shaping Close Up
in Size 6 (4.0mm) needles and 3 skeins of amazingly silky soft Staccato Ivory
surplice neckline
Alsea Vest Buttonband Around Pressed
Light and elegant
and relaxed fit that has draped fronts when worn open.
Alsea Vest in Its Natural Element Front Close Up Washed
Modeled vest shown here is before washing/blocking, without sewn-on button
It is knitted flat from the bottom up, with cabled button bands knitted as part of the vest fronts then extend as a band around the back neck edge.
Alsea Vest Collar
Alsea is one of 8 patterns in Shibui Texture booklet itself, visit Shibui Knits or Ravelry.
Alsea Vest in Its Natural Element Back Washed
Back of modeled vest shown again is before washing/blocking…
can be more slouchy fit, functional, than cropped as intended.

Stylish special, supremely comfortable, perfect for those cool evenings. To find the correct size to fit, measure across your high bust line (approximately under your armpits) and use this as your size guide. Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric you should use this actual measurement; if you are between sizes knit the smaller size. You may choose 4-ply linen or silk to get lighter knitted fabric. This pattern also fits for wooly yarn that is not tightly spun in 4-ply weight.
Alsea Vest Dried & Pressed Closed Fronts
Silky Staccato’s nature tendency: Drapey…so blocking requires attention, shaping, massaging.
I had to put in dryer to put some spongy texture back to the fabric.

It will turn any shirt into a smashing style success when you’re wearing this cable knit sweater vest, perhaps accessorized with a faux fur or silk scarf. It’s a fashion-forward wardrobe piece that can update your look in a New York minute.
Alsea Vest Dried & Pressed Right Front
Casual chic meets comfort in Alsea
I have so enjoyed knitting this gorgeous layering secret piece, a very useful wardrobe addition; which I love. To bits.
Cast-On Dilemma
It echoes a Japanese summer kimono worn by both men and women The Yukata but sleeveless. (The word “yu” means bath and “katabira” under clothing.)
Alsea Vest Dried and Pressed Overview
What’s better than kajillion fun rows of rhythmic, rippling cables and movies, series, or entertaining podcasts?
Textured Vest to Frogland
yes…even including massaging the design, pattern, ripping out
more than 400 yards of knitting, re-knitting, and blocking/finishing

Textured Vest - Text Editor's Choice
I was in a happy mode.
4H Sewing at Holly's4H Sewing at Holly's
4H Sewing at Holly's4H Sewing at Holly's
4H Sewing at Holly's
Fun…Fun…Fun…cooking with 4H kids and card making with COOL families…all in a day’s worth!
Thumb-print art made by one of the COOL kids
COOL ATC Day:  Thumb Print Art
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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