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Prints Charming

It’ll be grand to see things come alive again…forecast has it in the 60s for the coming week. I guess winters help me appreciate when spring and summer comes and I may open the doors and windows to let fresh air in.
Whimsical Baby Quilt Shop
Though it’s been another busy week, I attended East of the Cascades Quilters‘s Guild meeting at Stitchin Post. There is no dues to join so I get out for great speakers like this one. It’s marvelous to have some ME time–always fun to fill Kristin‘s car (and our bellies too) and just relax for a couple of hours with our friend Erin!
April Quilt Guild NightApril Quilt Guild Night
First off, we had a special visitor

The beautiful giant, made by two local talented quilters, will be raffled off soon. All proceeds go to local American Legion and WVF.

To officially kick off the evening, Ann Richardson reminded all about SMALL WONDERS Quilt Challenge–quilts that are 18-24″ on a side (no larger)–will be up this weekend. These little quilts will be exhibited at Sisters Library during the month of May where visitors will vote for their favorites and sold during Quilt Show Week to benefit Sisters Parks and Recreation. It is going to be a fabulous colorful exhibit…I wouldn’t be surprised Kristin will be one of five winners ($100 prize each), maybe even Best in Show? Stop by and vote if you are in the area.

Now’s the time to start thinking about being a VOLUNTEER at the 36th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show on July 9, 2011. Hostess shifts are only two hours on Show Day. Sign up your visiting friends and family too! If you’re entering quilts in the show this year, don’t forget to e-register online–right now–it’s faster and greener. Of course, you may still do this the old-fashioned way, by mail. Find all the directions for quilt entry here.

Created by Kathy Deggendorfer, a local and nationally renown artist.

Guild is a great place to share and to learn the skills that make for great quilts and great quilters. Tonight is no difference. I took a bunch of photos at the meeting to share with you. Some of them aren’t the greatest because, for once, I was sitting too close?! So, please forgive me! (I’ll get that DSLR one of these days; then, I’ll magically take great photos, right?!)

Earlier in the year, a group of local kids had the opportunity to take a quilting class from Jean and Valori Wells who love to share their culture, history and craft. This is one of the two quilts made by our next generation quilters 😀

Come after, Sue McMahan sharing her zero cool, on-an-impulse trip to the 2011 Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.
Along with her talk, there is this incredible slide show exhibiting some of the quilts there (over 300 photos taken).
If you run into Sue at a show, workshop, or a gathering, ask her about her smashing sushi experience (as well as her son David.)

One of my idol quilters/designers in the colossal affair is Keiko Goke.
Courtesy of Be*Mused
Now, where was I? Oh, yeah, this month’s GET TO KNOW GUILD MEMBER is Kristin Shields

What a treat it is to see the work of my dear friend…such celebrated quilt artist.

This was Kristin’s first quilt. Amazing!!!!!
She really should be on the Master Quilter list! Throughout the years, Kristin’s quilts have been presented in the Sunriver Quilt Show and at guild’s Show and Tell.

Maui Beach Houses was finally finished in early 2009 after being in storage for 6 years
I found it interesting to see her quilts as a group of work, heavily influenced by exceptional quilters such as Jean, Freddy Moran/Gwen Marston, Tonye Belinda Phillips, Mary Lou Weidman, Janet Bolton, Sue Spargo…to name a few.

This was another trying time for Kristin as her daughter Chloe was hospitalized for a week away from home.
I noticed just how far Kristin has progressed in the art of quilt making. Aurora Borealis, original design entered in 2005 Sister’s Outdoor Quilt Show, is one of my all-time favorites

Made with batiks squares from her quilt guild’s Christmas party exchange
…the wolf was special to Kristin, but, I forgot what exactly?

She does such lovely detailed work

and I am especially impressed by her appliquéd pieces like this Kaffe Fassett’s modified pattern.

Streets of Tuscany, in Kaffe’s stripes and shot cottons, was made for Chloe’s 16th birthday
…machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted.

Looking at others’ quilts is often a learning experience for me.

Started in workshop with the Gee’s Bend Quilters & signed by some of the quilters.
Many pieces were her family’s old clothes…machine pieced, hand quilted by Kristin.

I love to look at other people’s quilts

Spider Web, out of Freddy & Gwen’s Collaborate Again,
was one of the six Collaborative Chicks series of classes Kristin took at the Stitchin’ Post
and exhibited at 2010 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.

I enjoy studying them. As admiring a quilter’s work, I wonder how many hours it took to complete such intricate piece. Why didn’t I think of that?! What fabric did she choose? Did she/he machine- or hand-quilt this labor of love? What pattern did she choose? Or is it an original creation?

Inspired by Gwen Marston and Tonya Ricucci, free/machine pieced, hand quilted for her son, Ryan.
The obsessive me love to analyze and study color schemes used in quilts just as I do with yarn/fiber. It is the first thing I notice–what makes them successful, or not–then come pattern and block style.

Next is the million dollar question How will I find a place in one of my next work?

THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME was free pieced, made with Tonya Ricucci‘s free pieced letters in 2010.
I am amazed by the hundreds of small pieces and intricate pattern they formed when put together. Totally mind-blowing.

2010 ONE LITTLE WORD challenge, original design hand appliqued, hand embellished, machine quilted.

Each quilter chose a word that has meaning to them…as inspiration and use that word in the quilt.

Hope you enjoy this colorful series as outstanding as I do,

The Undercover Quilters’ first book club challenge, inspired from The Good Good Pig novel
or find a border, a binding, a special technique that really stands out

…in one of these inspiring quilts that may influence yours.

Kristin has certainly dazzled me again with her creativity, electrifying sense of color, and immeasurable passion for liberated & folk art quilts.

BETTER NOT POUT Christmas quilt was made for her son Ryan
She keeps coming up with great ideas and translating them into fabric in a way that inspires us all.

The Santa and tree were taken directly from Ryan’s drawings he did a few years back.
Hand appliqued and embroidered, machine pieced/quilted by Kristin herself.

A big thank you to Jean, Ann, Sue, and Kristin for sharing their journal and ideas while sprinkling their presentation with warmth and humor. There are more of the evening to share…but, I’m running out of time. Tomorrow…maybe!

A round of applause for our friend Erin for doing such a fabulous job!
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Thank you so much, dear Artist Sarah, for sharing this wonderful experience and spending so much time at the PC for posting these lovely photos! I've been interested in quilts since the early sixties and these quilts are out of this world! The imaginative combinations and love for detail, the materials (what a wealth of patterns to choose from!) and the skill to put it all together – it must have felt like like wandering through quilt heaven!

  2. We used to make the quest to Sisters for the quilt show. It would be summer, right around my birthday, and the lupine in bloom. Sighhh! Very lovely photos.

  3. Oh my goodness! What a nice post! Thank you so much. I don't know how you do it with the camera, Sarah. That was a really fun meeting and I was so honored to be asked to participate.

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