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Estonian Cast on–in 1×1 rib pattern–two-socks-at-a-time, in magic loop, a week ago. I didn’t want to end up languishing in the WIP pile for months to finish these…or worst uneven mate!
Violins Socks Test Knit 2/3 Finished
#34 of 52in52-2010 Challenge, #5 FO of the month of April 2011
I was thrilled when Anne Pickering (aka oriocookie) offered Violins–inspired by the beautiful instruments in the Violin family, including the violin and viola–for testing. I was even more excited there are my favorite laces, cables, and twisted stitches to capture the beauty of these instruments.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
Perfect accessory for my wardrobe all year round.
The top-down pattern is well-written for double-point needles. The instruction was easily adapted to magic loop without a hitch.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
Look best with solid or semi solid yarn.
Once I got the hang of it, it’s a groovy motif with a rhythm of its own…entertaining, quick knit…much easier than it looks!
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
Perfect for the office, home, anywhere you’d like to slip your feet into luxurious comfort!
After picking it up again last night, I zoomed through most of it and finished all this afternoon!
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
It shifts elegantly from lace to cables.
This is definitely an addictive, 5-star pattern! Fabulous design and very easy-to-follow/memorize directions.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
It is relaxing, easygoing, and so lovely to see the pattern evolve–lots of variety to keep it interesting! A true joy. Anne has the intuition of a true artist.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
Just a few more rows…makes me smile!
I loved the color of this yarn in the skein, but, it isn’t quite as solid as I imagined once knitted up. The bamboo came loose in many places which can be annoying.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled Grafted Toes
As an average-tension knitter, my gauge came to 9 stitches/12 rows = 1”.
Though measurement below seems small, with lace and cables design,
the socks are very stretchy, expandable to fit larger/wider feet.
Toes: 1.5” in length
Foot Circumference: 8.5”
Foot Length from toe to heel: 8.75”
Cuff to Heel: 8.5”
Cuff: 11” circumference/1” height
Cuff to end of Leg Chart before heel flap: 6.75”
Arch: 10.75”

The pattern itself is written for medium and large sizes. So, I am not only text-editing but testing out for Size Small. With the lace and cable blend, it is easily customizable to fit whatever size one desires.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
308 yards or 67 grams of Zitron Trekking Pro Natura used
I’m seemingly incapable of taking good pictures of the socks; but, they are super awesome in real life, honest…I just have to proudly proclaim from the rooftops that my Violins is DONE! It’s bloody marvelous. This may be the coolest pair of socks I’ve made to-date.
Violins Socks Test Knit Modeled
switched to Size 000 from Size 00 needles after gusset-shaping decrease.
Personally, 2.25” for the heel flap would have been much better than 2.5”

Michaels is having sock yarn sales–Kroy for only $1.99 a skein.   I’d better stop by there tomorrow and stock up for next spring/summery sweater.
Spring Flowers
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Wicked…No Second Sock Syndrom" (7)

  1. Those are very cool looking socks! Now you just need a bow…

  2. Thank you so much for testing them! May I link the pattern page to this blog post once it is up? I am working on a whole line of musical sock if you want to test for me again. Up next is Dueling Pianos and Clarinet.

  3. Awesome pattern! I am new to knitting but I love socks and this idea is a great one. Nicely worded Sarah, Great job Anne.

  4. Great shots of a super sock pattern done to perfection!

  5. Wow, love the socks and your photographer! Both take beautiful pictures.

  6. […] with most of my sock knitting, this is another Anne Pickering’s symphony series project with traditional heel flap. After knitting up 30 rows and more, I came to realization that heel […]

  7. […] piano is number two in the musical instrument series designed by my friend Anne Pickering of Owl & Otter Designs.  These socks are knitted toe-up, […]

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