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Once, Twice…Three Times

a flower dress
Seamless Flower Dress
This is an improved dress version of the first.
Seamless Flower Tee Test Knit Loop & ButtonSeamless Flower Dress
The tee is suitable for a 1 to 1.5 year-old…this will be auction off for Japan Relief Fund
When I got back to knitting a second one–well into latter half of the tee–Ewelina offered the dress version for testing. I couldn’t resist. This time, with confident, I accepted the next size up for a 1.5 to 2 year-old
Seamless Flower Dress Front I-Cord Neckline
This too will be auctioned off for Japan Relief Fund should anyone is interested.
I got through everything as written in speed time, with very little hiccup (all of which my own flaws)
Seamless Flower DressSeamless Flower Dress
The pattern is precise, thorough, and added many helpful diagrams and explanations since the last one I tested. Once another skein is located from my stash, I’ll be able to finish it off today or tomorrow.
Seamless Flower Dress
Again in NaturallyCaron SPA, Dusty Rose
So, I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night. Do you knit a pattern once and then move on? Or, could you knit the same one over and over?
Seamless Flower Dress Test Knit
I typically fall into the knit-a-pattern-once category. The only exception to-date is if I give it away and it’s something I really love for myself. I’m a selfish knitter after all! I’m on a bit of a mission for Gudrun Johnston’s sweaters, trying to knit them all! Most of her sweater designs are knit back and forth in one piece, not in the round. Sleeves are the only portion knit in the round.
Taste of Spring
My friend reckons she could knit baktus (like this and this) over and over again. I guess this pattern is so versatile you could use different yarn weights, needle sizes, etc., that it wouldn’t feel like the same pattern. I have seen quite a bit of the look-alike designs along that line over the past few months on Ravelry.
Taste of Spring
What pattern could you knit over and over again? Or do you fall in the knit-once school? Knitting is like reading to me. I only read a book once, knit a pattern once…unless it is a Jane Austen, then I read it again, again, and again. So, if the pattern is like an Austen book, I will knit it again. Adding joy and happiness to my life. Really!
Taste of Spring
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Once, Twice…Three Times" (2)

  1. Mostly once, but sometimes I'm compelled to knit things twice, because there are a few ways that I want to change it to make it better!

  2. Same here. Mostly once, but I love to make Baby Surprise Jackets and have done several. I've knit Clapotis three times. I've done the moebius bowls and scarves over again- a little different each time. Then again, I'm not so much an artist when it comes to knitting, like you are Sarah!

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