A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Springtime Plotting

I probably shouldn’t be here
Design Work
…because I’m not artistic at all. I’m just not creative.
Amazing Spring Blossom
All sounds too familiar? People who say and actually believe it are, in fact, very creative and artistic–even if they do not yet realize it. On many occasions, once we got started making things, they took off–some to unhealthy extremes. For most, not creative was the farthest from describing who they really were. Many adults have creative urges locked inside that they are desperate to let out. If your job doesn’t provide an opportunity, find some other way–like taking classes, surfing the worldwide web.
Amazing Spring Blossom
Mother’s day Flower by Lion Brand Yarn, crocheted up in less than 15 minutes
People often get labeled not artistic because our definition of creativity and art is flawed. We have come to expect creative or artistic people to have an interest in paint or fiber or clay or something else that comes from an art supply store. That’s not what it should be.
Amazing Spring BlossomLion Brand Amazing leftovers using Crochet Hook I
Creativity is a way of thinking–even about things we don’t regard to be artistic. Art is not media. It is thought–something most of us do routinely–even when we are very young. We are all creative in some ways, and from that way of thinking, we can all be artistic.
Amazing Spring BlossomShown here is a 7-petal flora
Children today have a difficult time allowing their innate creativity show because–in my humble opinion–they are constantly inundated by other means to exercise their brains. Computer games are portable enough that a child need never be without one except in the bath. Cable/satellite television, phone messaging/texting, and 24/7 unlimited internet access make it possible to go through days without having any contact with reality.
Amazing Spring Blossom
versus a 6-petal sample
Heater/air conditioning, an encroaching softness borne through parental protectionism and a decline in social mores in the public keep many children inside, glued to either their TV, computer, video game, or cellular phone. Societal obsessions with sports over arts further complicates things. Many children’s creative needs are consistently ignored by so-called public education system until it is time for art class once a week when they are expected to suddenly bloom into artistic splendor for a half hour a week–before being trotted out to the P.E. department–for two hours of daily soccer practice…little league practice…track…swim meet…
Taste of Spring
Based on my own limited observations within my own family and those I am fortunate to come into contact with, the best thing for a non-creative child is to be put into a situation where he/she has time to occupy with no electronic crutch. Children hate boredom. They WILL find ways to occupy themselves–even if all they have available is a pile of dirt and a few sticks. Sometimes all they need is for their parents to stop helping (no more buying whatever the gadget-du-jour so they may flop down on a sofa and exercise their thumbs.) Sometimes, they need to discover the basics–things like dirt and bugs under rocks, whatever those little black things are that swim just under the surface of a pond, how to build a fort from discarded boxes, and interesting ways to use soup cans and things that smell bad outside.
Taste of Spring
I am certainly no expert. A lot of it depends on what children are exposed to. Yes, it is harder with boys. But, encourage them to draw and paint, or sculpt with clay. You never know, you might spark some creativity–even if they don’t carry out any artistic endeavors later in life–they will carry with them a creative mindset.
Taste of Spring
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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