A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

at my friend’s ranch yesterday.
Squeal! It’s the great spinners that come to Spin-in that make it.
Nancy, Jo, & Rowen
Everyone is very generous with their sharing. It is a relaxed atmosphere where I learn more about the craft without having to take a workshop. It’s always where I can see someone doing something and just lean over and ask her about it.
Rowen & Barb
It is wonderful to have a local group to sit and learn and work with. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing newly-born lambs,
Pam;s Flock
taking a turn with sweet Rowen, and catching up with spinner buddies.
Typically, I love the challenge of taking a really raw material and turning it into something deliciously delightful. I guess it’s sort of the difference between using a cake mix and baking from scratch. Almost. But, this afternoon, I couldn’t resist of spinning the cake mix rovings
Border Leicester Singles
Border Leicester from one of Kip’s
I love a new fiber. This one is 75% wool from one of Pam’s lamb Liz, blended with 25% silk
Fine Wool/Silk Singles
And boy, is it silky! I wasn’t going to bring home any new fiber, but, its shiny spun sample was staring at me for a few hours…I just couldn’t resist! It draws and spins lovely.
Fine Wool/Silk Singles
My favorite is still cashmere and merino
Cashmere/Merino Singles
This is one of my pay from Pam last summer. It will be plied with Liz above, gradient dyed, and knit into a lace designed by me…hopefully in time for showing at Black Sheep and Sock Summit 😀
Fine Wool/Silk Singles
I spin, both on a wheel and with a hand spindle (though much more often on the spindle.) I’d say that, for me, the level of relaxation is about the same, but spinning is much more hypnotic.
Wool Singles
When I’m knitting, I relax and fall into a rhythm; but, my mind is still very active–reading a pattern or chart, thinking about what’s coming next in the rows ahead. Sometimes I can watch tv, read a book, walk (a trick I enjoy!) or chat on skpye, if the pattern is easy enough. Often, it is satisfying enough to simply knit with no other distractions. With knitting, I find myself more in the present.
Star Gazing Waist Decrease Completed
When I’m spinning, my hands move more instinctively and automatically. It feels as though I’m just watching the colors flow past–a lot easier to become entranced with the rhythm of the wheel and treadles. My breathing falls into the same cadence. With spinning, I go much more quickly to that place without timeuntil I screw up and break my single or let the twist too far into the fiber
Gorgeous Batt in Red/Pink
BFL, Silk, Bamboo, & Mohair locks specially blended by my sweet fiber buddy/giver LeAnn
What are you content with?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "An Afternoon of Merriment" (1)

  1. Kirsten said:

    That was so relaxing to read I had to do a little spindling myself. I agree–it's the no-time-zone. It's good for the soul.

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