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Pink-a-licious Sweet

filled with fashion foodie…confetti
Yummy Cupcakes Finished
Every now and then I stumble, quite literally down and around the garden path, to discover something very unusual. This would have to be the first ever cupcake I have found that is not served on a platter 😀
Yummy Cupcakes Finished
from Twinkie Chan’s fabulous Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies book
The frosting is so soft and fluffy, but, split-y in Berroco Comfort Pink (two strands held together) and Red. The yellow cake-batter portion may be leftover from this or this Lanaloft Worsted projects.
Yummy Cupcake
Berroco Comfort Pink (used I Hook): 128 grams/269 yards=135 yards only since it’s held double
Berrocco Comfort Red (used H Hook): 16 grams/34 yards
Lanaloft Worsted Yellow (used H Hook): 63 grams/101 yards

This is an easy, fun scarf–for crocheters of all levels–to make any size once I figured out how to make the textured frosting. I had to tear out first cupcake 2-3 times before I got it. I whipped up 16 cupcakes in no time…once the weaving part is done, the scarf assembles super fast which makes it a fabulous gift or someone who needs a cheer.
Yummy Cupcakes Finished
The weight (207 grams total fore pompoms) is just right–not stretching the cupcakes into blobs.
If you are making it for young ones, be sure the scarf is worn loosely criss-crossed–not knotted or looped–with ends tucked into toddler’s jacket to avoid potential hazards such as tripping, getting caught in doors, etc.
Yummy Cupcakes Finished
To glue the pompons, I used Aleene OK To Wash-It, a washable fabric glue (available at Michael’s or Joann’s). Twinkie’s adhering advice is very helpful

1) Put a nice dab (good enough to give it a good hold, but, not so much it’s oozing all over the place as it dries shiny) of Aleene’s OK-To-Wash-It on back of pompom.
2) GENTLY place pompom with a tweezer (eliminate messy and sticky fingers) where you like. If you squish it on too hard, the pompom will probably just fall off or stick more to your finger or tweezer rather than the scarf. Don’t worry if it’s hovering on the surface. Repeat 1) and 2) until all sprinkles are in place. This step took me about 20 minutes.
3) Go back to pompoms you started gluing in the beginning. 15-20 minutes is a good length for the glue to become tackier. Now, push them gently into the scarf with your finger. It’s easier to squish them in at this point and give them a better hold. If you wait too long, the glue starts drying. You won’t be able to push them down very much anymore.

The hold is good and not as scratchy feeling as FabriTac, but, any residue is obvious to the touch. It takes practice to get it right and tidy every time.
Yummy Cupcakes Finished
Both yarn and Twinkie Chan’s book are available here. It’s one of those days…too many things packed into too few hours. Hubby left home earlier in the day, again for the valley then Seattle, for a week with the sprinkled cupcake scarf. It’ll be dropped off at Twisted in Portland on Thursday. What fun time to be had capturing the bright colors in this springy day. I am thinking a collection of Red Velvet or rainbow assortment of cupcakes would be yummy alternatives. Oooh…it’s making me hungry for some decadent, plump pastry!
Yummy Cupcake
Halloween is 6+ months away. How do you feel about an up-size version of a cupcake costume, embroidered with EAT ME–adult twist? Just too funny to pass up. Have you ever dressed up as a cupcake?
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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