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What Makes It Popular?

Have you noticed some patterns on Ravelry have a huge amount of projects attached to them while others just a few. Obviously, in some cases, it’s just because people like a particular style or design. I have taken notice some of the top patterns are unique enough that I understand their appeal.
Popular Patterns?
Some I like okay, but, there are similar patterns I feel are much better but not hugely popular. I wonder why one pattern and not the other. Some I just shake my head and wonder what anyone sees in the design. Since they’re so popular, obviously a lot of people like them and I’m the minority. Unlike my personal leanings, a pattern is more likely to be popular if it’s in the 3-5 range for complexity, based on Ravelry’s 10 point scale. This is just past a very beginning knitter; so it is accessible to the largest chunk of knitters without being too complex. The more complex, the fewer knitters that will have the skills to work the pattern, no matter how much they might like the design…at least, that’s what I’ve been told by knitting store owners.
Popular Patterns?
From my perspective, I have limited time & funds for projects so I do try to pick ones that are interesting to me. Generally, it will not be a simple, fast knit. While I do a few of those types of projects, I spend a lot more time on projects that challenge me in some way–let it be colorwork, intricate patterns, a new technique…
Popular Patterns?
Presenting GOOD/INTERESTING PHOTOS really is the main marketing tool. I don’t look at pattern name until/unless the photo catches my eye. Things that tend to catch my eye are either colorful, very detailed, or so cryptic I have to click to find out more about it (but sometimes I just skip those too.) I am also more likely to consider a pattern with multiple photos–both close-ups and distance shots, as well as patterns that may show multiple projects/examples. Some photos are striking on the model; but, I do NOT have a model shape. Thus, the project doesn’t have similar appeal on me. I like to see variety in colors, types of yarn, body sizes/styles, etc. This may be challenging for some designers. Since I’ve performed several test knits & shared photos regularly in recent months, I would think that process would easily be filled in the variety factor.
Popular Patterns?
REASONABLY-PRICED is another. If I can make something I like for free, I’m more likely to make that than a pay version. However, I don’t hesitate to pay for one that is unique like heirloom lace. That’s me…people vary a lot on the price point thing.
Popular Patterns?
I do try to keep up with what’s popular but don’t typically knit it myself. I like things that have something unique about them for my own projects. There are some designers that really strike a chord with me. When I find one, I will often favorite up to half their patterns because their ideas really sync up with my own. My take is that the more designs that you have out there, the better the chance one of them will catch someone’s eye and he/she will likely discover the rest of your designs. What draws you to a particular pattern or puts off making it? Am I missing out on something by not knitting/crocheting them. Do they become more popular simply because they are popular?
Star Gazing Test Knit Back on TrackStar Gazing Test Knit Back on Track
Star Gazing is back on track 😀
Star Gazing Test Knit Back on Track
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "What Makes It Popular?" (3)

  1. This is an interesting topic. Though several people have downloaded my patterns I haven't still seen any of them in ravelry (or everywhere else). Maybe the problem is in my bad explanations.
    As to the question What draws you to a particular pattern or puts off making it? – other people's designs can be just a source of inspiration for me but I will never make the similar thing.

  2. Interesting. I tend to like patterns with great photos and where the choice of yarn and colour works together. It is hard to explain but I get a kick from the process of choosing pattern, yarn quality and colour. Thats where my creativity is focused on. Its like my mind is like a great store space filled with lovely patterns and yarns that I have looked at, and then one day a pattern and a yarn with a particular colour match. When the choice is made I just have to find out if the match is a good one or not. 🙂

  3. I must admit I'm more drawn to the patterns that have several versions shown as well. I think it helps me get more ideas about what I can do with it. Rather than just one set thing.

    I agree with Sanna, yarns and patterns are so addicting, I have this compulsion to constantly look for more of both. Then you get this perfect match between the yarn and the pattern. if you are lucky you already have the pattern and yarn, but other wise you Have to buy it.

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