A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Star Gazing has a glorious spring day out around town yesterday, strolling the neighborhood…thoroughly entertained as the talented B.E.A.T. cast whisked us away to music of the oddball romantic comedy Guys and Dolls…savored a lazy sunny afternoon, relaxed with a cup of mocha latte, with my world-traveler neighbor Christy at our favorite bookshop cafe
Star Gazing Test Knit Waist Shaping
550+ yards later on Day Two…it measures to 12″ by 53″
Today, while struggled a bit with itchy eyes/throat, running nose, and uncontrollable sneezing, I effectively resisted the temptation to visit this month’s gallery exhibit and reception at Quiltworks–featuring Kapitoil Novel Quilts, one of the most exciting quilt exhibits ever! Nineteen amazing avid quilters have embraced the Deschutes County Library’s 2011 Novel Idea with each making a quilt based on their interpretation of author Teddy Wayne’s first novel Kapitiol, a relatively quick read. Here you may see my dear friend Kristin’s stunning slow-cloth, hand quilt.

For rest of first Friday, I stayed in…watched The Mentalist with the family and getting over a shock from some blind knitting earlier in the day
Star Gazing Test Knit Lace Gone Wild
The piece didn’t look right but my needles kept on trucking away. Tonight, I finally realize I HAVE RE-DESIGNED THE LACE!!!! See them?
Nay? I know…unless you are me! Within minutes, I dropped 34 stitches, 50 rows back of left/right lace panels
Star Gazing Test Knit Lace Gone Wild
A picture speaks a thousand words
Star Gazing Test Knit Lace Gone Wild
Ripping back is not an option…nearly 300 stitches on each rowNO WAY. NO HOW! I fear not the ripping back. There are just more enticing things I’d rather do…like knitting another new project LOL How did you spend your Friday?
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "The Shock Factor…Try Not to Freak Out" (3)

  1. Whoa! I can't believe you dropped down that many rows of lace! I would have had to rip. Looking forward to seeing it all back up.

    Although…dropping couldn't be any worse than ripping. You can always rip if it doesn't work, and if it does work, you're a genius!

  2. my husband always thinks i'm crazy for ripping out something that i mess up.

    There is always that moment after i drop some stitch a number of rows when i wonder what i think i'm doing…

  3. All corrected and I'm back where I left off…ready to do sleeves two at a time. It's not that difficult to drop 50 rows back and re-knit…much better than the other prospect, reknitting 50 rows, 300 stitches each, in Size 3 needles! It's something I take time to practice from time to time to keep this skill/tool sharp. I would drop stitches on the edge, in the middle, on a side for practice. It's what made me fearless when tackling new project/new technique, unfamiliar territory. The trick is to use a size smaller needles to knit that section of fabric. The fixed patches are slightly wonky looking right now….but once it's bathed and blocked–all will even out. I will take a picture of what it looks like before bathing.

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