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You Know Best

what is best for you…IT’S YOUR KNITTING, beginner or not! When I investigated and compared the myriad of cast-on methods (detail list in PDF format here) a couple of years ago, I found that making swatches was the best way to discover what I like/dislike. Only I would be able to decide if the look of a particular cast-on is pleasing…or a technique to produce it is something I agree with. There are some methods I like just fine in terms of its appearance, but, I dislike the process of creating them (although that’s changing by the minute.)
Sherbet Knotty Wrap
Likewise, for some systems, I have options for arriving at the same result or one slightly different. For example, there are several ways of doing a long-tail cast-on. Each of those methods may be modified so it is done in pattern such as single or double rib pattern for example.
Sherbet Knotty Wrap
A Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman or Knitter’s Handbook by Montse Stanley is a good reference for laying out the Pros and Cons of the most commonly used methods–providing ideas of why I might choose to use knit-on over cable (aka double-needle) or long-tail (aka slingshot or thumb method) cast-on. Many of them are variations of other cast-on methods.
Sherbet Knotty Wrap
There are thousands of videos on the technique. Some are easier, more intuitive for knitters who work with a right-hand yarn hold (like the Maine or TillyBuddy’s knit-and-YO cast-on.) Others are easier for those who prefer left-hand yarn hold. And some are neutral…just as easy to do no matter how you hold the yarn. Some cast-ons are pretty. Some are stretchier than others. But, truth be told, ANY CAST-ON may be worked tight (& be tight) as well as working loose, (& be looser/stretchier!) Different cast ons do have different characteristics–the more cast-ons known, the easier it becomes to choose the best method for the project at hand. Learn at your own pace.
Sherbet Knotty Wrap
First cast-on I employed was the easiest, simple cast-on aka easy wrap–for no rhyme reason–it was the only method I knew then. What was your first cast-on?
Cascade Middle School Concert
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. I think my first cast on was a cable cast on, taught to me by my Aunt Rose. I think…

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