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Spring Sprouted

Hooray! Spring is finally here and I’m so excited!
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Assembled
Spring for me means clothes drying on the line outside (wishful thinking!), warmer weather, staying light outside longer, sandals, short sleeves, skirts, swimsuits, my birthday (I’m getting soooo old!), jelly coffee beans, ice creams, smoothies, bubble teas…how did I get started on food?? Oh, yeah…Spring. I cast on a season-appropriate quickie, using Caron Spa bamboo/acrylic yarn in Ocean Spray colorway, while waiting for younger daughter in school this morning. The flower pattern is charted, knitted in-a-round.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Front
#28 of 52in52-2010 Challenge, #9 FO of the month of March 2011
You start from the center of the flower
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Flower Close Up
Then join two flower pieces by adding raglan sleeve stitches and gussets. It reminds me of Barbara Walker’s short-row shoulder/sleeve cap. The pick-up is beautiful.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Front & Back Flowers
I went with short sleeves, but, the length may easily be adjusted.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Assembled
From this point on, everything is knitted from top down, gradually binding off stitches on the sides.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Back Close Up
The interesting, modular pattern is fun to knit. I am a Get the Gist of it then Ignore the Pattern…until the next big change type knitter. It would have been easy to make but I had to follow the written/charted instruction line-by-line as a test-knitter.
Flower T-Shirt Back
Not suitable as a first-time project.
It used up 266 yards, or 90 grams, in Size 6 needles. I could have knitted this in one skein (85 grams) if I remove a couple of rows. Next one, maybe, if I don’t modify or add embellished interest…
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Side
This fits a 1 to 1.5 year-old
Personally, I would employ different edging than the two-row eyelet ruffles in a garter-base at the bottom hem. But, the top/dress is so darn cute as is.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Ruffled Hem
Before blocking, modeled by my 36” life-size Barbie
I am going to cast on another one to see if I can get the same, if not, better result following the pattern very carefully. I am going to check to insure a couple of challenges encountered were merely my own mistakes. This and the new one are up for sale if you are interested for yourself or as a gift…all net proceeds will go to Japan Relief Fund through Red Cross.
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless Front Modeled
The pattern reminds me a lot of my pinwheel sweater, except this one is in much better design construction. I learned a couple of great, useful tricks to apply in future knits. Thank you, Ewelina!
Test Knit:  Flower T-Shirt Seamless I-Cord Neck
If you purchase–or have purchased–the seamed version, this seamless one is downloadable FREE OF CHARGE once test knitting is completed. Now back to some serious knitting
Star Gazing Waist Decrease Completed
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. I love it – what a pretty design! Would love to have one in my size but my knitting skills are not quite up to that challenge yet.

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