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Thrift or Madness?

Younger teen needs some semi-formal black pants and white shirt for her concert performance in a couple of days. Instead of forking out hundreds of dollars, we stopped by our local favorite thrift store. She got everything on her list and me…went wild!
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
Soft blanket here is probably hand-woven for a meager $2.50.
A lady was looking at the wrought iron before it made to a shelf. I whispered to myself the whole way she didn’t like it LOL
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
The $2 heavy wrought-iron piece will be used for hanging an art quilt in progress
Thrifty trinkets are hard to resist
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
$1 Blue ceramic bowl has two notches–one on each side of the top edge, perfect as yarn bowl
I still can’t believe how this heirloom tea set ended up at Goodwill. The decorative box is in decent shape. The pottery pieces weren’t shelved together. I was fortunate that another lady shopper remembered coming across it just the day before and chased me down with all the misplaced pieces. Good karma.
Goodwill Treasures
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
Goodwill TreasuresGoodwill Treasures
All these little treasures bring back the wide-eyed wonder of my childhood. What’s your favorite thrifty find?
Star Gazing Waist Decrease Completed
Star Gazing cardigan is growing at snail-pace
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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