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Audrey Proper

I have admired this design for a couple of years now. Imagine my sheer delight when I saw it in the box of requested samples from Twisted. Not only was Audrey Un Unst beautifully designed, it’s cleverly constructed.
Audrey in Unst Modeled
#26 of 52in52-2010 Challenge, #8 FO of the month of March 2011
The Medium/35″ bust-size sweater is roomy on me, looked more standard length/shapeless, as I wear Petite/Size 4 normally. It would be more cropped and beautifully shaped at the waistline on a right model.
Audrey in Unst Modeled
A work of cardigan genius!
Don’t be alarmed about extra fabric draping while knitting.
The twisted-rib bands and I-cord collar will keep it framed beautifully.

Directions are crystal clear. Easily the best-written, most precise pattern I’ve ever worked from–it really took me by the hand. Every bit of the stitch movement worked like a charm…like repetitive choreography in symmetry in a Chorus Line. The drape and feel of Hempathy resembles that of linen, yet softness from cotton and elasticity from Modal. Hemp–an incredible plant fiber that is valued for its strength and durability–won’t wear out, rather it wears in and gets better with age.
Audrey in Unst Modeled
Used 926 yards (or 302 grams) of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy 017
the perfect, brilliant yarn for the pattern, too, just the right weight and degree of softness.
Sage Green is extraordinary color for spring.
The texture of twisted rib and lace stitches brings it out well.

To my joy, I felt at home once I was comfortable with the gauge and drape. Fine touches are the twisted ribbing seemed to take 4EVAH
Audrey in Unst Modeled
and i-cord bind-off neck
Audrey in Unst Modeled
The no-fuss faux, side seams
Audrey in Unst Modeled
Working body in one piece to the armholes
elegant 3/4 short-row set-in cap sleeves/armhole design and shoulder construction–using a 3-needle bind-off –are especially neat.
Audrey in Unst Sleeve Pick-Up
a pleasure to make and beautiful in the finished product
The cardigan has a simple, fun, interesting Unst lace pattern, a type of Shetland lace,–well balanced with the design and is so easy to wear. There are a lot of stitches to pick up when finishing. Both button bands are picked up–as are neck and sleeves, working from top down. Don’t worry. The extra work makes a beautiful finish. The whole thing is minimalist perfection, with attention to detail.
Audrey in Unst Sleeve Pick-Up
Uneven knitters…worry no more. Hempathy enhances the knitting properties and helps even out the knitting–this was a major rewarding part of learning discovery through this project. Similar to Silky Wool, Hempathy, with added value of anti-bacterial properties, knits up like a thicker yarn, but the finished cardi feels thinner than the yarn indicates.
Audrey in Unst Modeled
The ultimate magic is in the blocking and hand-shaping. Another wonderful trick I acquired from this project: Hair-Dryer is my savior! No access to a regular dryer at the hotel where I was staying. I discovered drying/shaping the cardi with hair-dryer actually gave me best control and maximum professional result. It turned out exactly as I had hoped. I truly enjoyed another seamless garment, knitting flat again…just dreamy! I’d a chance to enjoy it thoroughly for a couple of hours since it came off the blocking foams! It’s the perfect topper for a little cocktail dress or a pair of jeans. Everyone should have one. I may need one in every color.
Audrey in Unst Modeled
Cast on March 18; bind-off March 25, 2011
Out of the duration, it took only five days of knitting and blocking.

I absolutely loved working on the project: great style, a dead/easy process, and a complete absence of niggling unnecessary bits like seaming. I look forward to knitting more of Gundrun Johnston’s designs. If I have my wish, I’d knit one of everything in Shetland Trader Book One (Book Two is on my wish list :D) Oooooh…I so desperately need a spring cardigan!
Audrey in Unst Modeled
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If you haven’t knitted one of Gundrun’s designs, this one is a MUST!!! I love all the finishing details of a perfectionist/seamstress. I can’t rant and rave enough of this fabulous knit. Wait no more…order your copy of Audrey Un Unst and Hempathy here, my favorite shop.
Heading Back to the Valley
Headed back to the valley early in the afternoon
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. I had not looked at your project page in a while and WOW! You have been busy with some gorgeous knitting. You still amaze me with what you accomplish. Beautiful. Chris

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