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Twisty Paper Trail

I know. I know. It’s nutty. But, I am not the first and won’t be the last. It’s like I have nothing to do, fiber/yarn to play with. I was in the playful mood…it’s something I have always wanted to do–in line with my Green cause.
Spinning Tissues
From what I’ve read, you are to moisten paper like you would moistening stamps–not to get it too wet–before spinning.
Spinning Tissues
Here, the singles were spun up dried
Spinning Tissues
rugged, textured look
For consistency and speed, use a rotary cutter. A 1/4″ wide stripe would produce a very fine thread.
Spinning Tissues
thick and thin effect was attributed to tearing irregular stripes by hand, in random length
First log cabin swatch, before water-proofing with homemade mod podge, turned out surprisingly sturdy. My 10-year-old boy tried tearing it apart and was amazed by how strong the knitted paper was!
Paper Log Cabin
Cast on 7 stitches in Size 5 needles. Knitted ’til I ran out first color. Put live stitches on hold.
Picked up 6 stitches on the side of first modular and knitted ’til 2nd color ran out.
Picked up 6 stitches on the side of first two modulars and knitted up 6 lives stitches from 1st unit.
Knit 4 rows and put stitches on hold.
Picked up 12 stitches from long side of the piece and knit until I ran out 3rd colors.

Another way to use up those gorgeous holiday/present wrappers that I hate to discard! I can only use so much tissue papers for decoupage, paper mache, or paper art/jewelry projects…one more venue to use up my ever-growing tissue papers 😀 Go Green!
Knit paper halter
Knit mulberry paper halter, Courtesy of Aimee Lee
After a few more practices spinning tissue/newspaper, it may pique enough my interest (or brave enough) in spinning Japanese Shifu Paper. It’s not really spinning rather twisting, but the finished thread is to die for!

SPITZER HAIRY JACKET by Erica Rasmussen, Courtesy of Hartsfield-Jackson
Japan has two strong traditions of textiles, made using handmade paper–shifu and kamiko. Shifu is cloth woven with paper thread-– warp, weft or both. Kamiko is paper that has been starched before being sewn into clothing. The thought of spinning yarn from paper and turning it into a garment sounded too fascinating to me. I wonder if Spindleknitter could turn this into some sort of mathematic art?
Epic...Double Digit
First 1.5 hours of non-professional, supervised driving…38.5 more to go!
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Twisty Paper Trail" (3)

  1. Well, that's pretty wild! I like it. And yes, it would be pretty strong once you get the twist in it!

  2. I really like this idea and have been studying the article about paper spinning in Spin off. I'm glad you actually did it. What does the yarn feel like?

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for answering my question about spinning w/ paper. I'm interested to see what else you do with it and if you achieve your goal of creating a Japanese style yarn/garment. Although I love blogging on blogger I wish there was a way for us to pm each other when we have questions or answers…Or I just don't know how to do it. For future use my email address is ElizArtist(at)verizon(dot)net
    thanks again!

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