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Knit and Breathe

We’ve had the rain and snow. By the time the teen’s finished with her driver’s permit test this afternoon, I was too wasted to go to the LQS for quilter’s social weekly. Instead, I unraveled one-third of Emiily Shmemily Shawl finished up a couple of weeks ago.
Emiily Shmemily Shawl Unraveled to add gartered lace
There should be some gartered lace in between stockinette lace work. It shouldn’t take long to re-knit/fix the shawlette…mindless knit for another busy Friday (4H Cooking, 4H Sewing, DMV…)
Emiily Shmemily Shawl Unraveled to add gartered lace
Need to wet-blocking the yarn first…to avoid undesirable gauge discrepancy with rest of the shaw
Today, I decided to play with next shop sample on my plate. Everyone has that one skein of yarn in their stash that refuses to behave. Look no more…
Rocking Pinata
Potomac is a beauty. Another beautiful hand-painted variegated yarn by Blue Moon Sock That Rocks Medium Weight
Rocking Pinata
perfect for Pinata Socks.
Rocking Pinata
The stripes are very pronounced on the side-to-side cuffs.
Rocking Pinata
It’s a little hard to tell with how bright those lovely colors are. The wide ribs, with all-purl rows in the body of the socks, jumbled up the colors and put that undesirable pooling and flashing yarn in its proper place.
Rocking Pinata
I loved watching these socks being born and am honored that Shannon and Emily asked me to knit up a sample. They fit well so far and will provide smiles when someone does wear them instead of leaving on a mannequin.
Rocking Pinata
This gives me another opportunity to accomplish more than just a new pair of socks…I got to play with a wonderful yarn.
Rocking Pinata
In addition to crazy amounts of studying, I’ve also been doodling. It’s nice and relaxing, a good way for my brain to rest.
Homemade Chicken Penne Pasta
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. That looks like a very good sock pattern, ideal for yarns like that one. Might also be good for Meg's striping yarns.

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