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Flu Mist

My boy is finally recovering from a stomach flu/high fever since last Friday. It’s a common problem here–one person in the family gets sick and illness quickly spreads to other family members (eventually.)
Down with the Flu?
While it is possible to avoid getting sick from past experience, the chance diminishes drastically when I am sleep-deprived in the nights and restless during the days. This evening, it became clear that I am no longer immune! I’m sick as a dog with stuffy/drippy nose and achy bones all over…
not before these couple of finished knits! First one is in silky ShibuiKnits Staccato
Textured Seed-Rib Cable Armwarmer
Photo shot is scheduled for next Monday in Astoria…with another ShibuiKnits Booklet coming out soon
Let me tell you how much I love this luscious thread…I will be stocking up in my next visit to the shop. 😀 The mystery knit project is in the mail to Knit-Purl this afternoon. To pique your interest, the recent released trailblazing booklet Shibui Heichi is filled with lovely, edgy elegant knits to take you into the warmer months. There are knitting details not to be missed in these patterns.
Textured Seed-Rib Cable Armwarmer
Used up 108 grams or 418 yards of ShibuiKnits Staccato with 4 grams left from 2nd skein
Shown below is the latest sample of the Final version of Feathered Feet (which will be renamed Ziprelaxagon), equally as mesmerizing as the first and second time I played with this fascinating modular/entrelac hexagon design.
Feathered Feet off Draft 4 Completed
As I shared in previous post, this is one terrific pattern
Feathered Feet off Draft 4 Completed
in both written and charted PDF format. If you are a new-skill junky like me, this is one knitting project you won’t want to miss it in 2011!
Feathered Feet off Draft 4 Completed
The designer is exceptionally thorough and conscientious–insuring your positive/enjoyable knitting experience from start to finish.
Feathered Feet off Draft 4 Completed
Shown on the right is the older version which is much larger than the final version shown left
Tune in this fiber-artist genius’s blog for its release over the next few days Ziprelaxagon is available here now!

I must get to bed. Good night!

03.03.2011 EDITED to include pattern link now available.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


Comments on: "Flu Mist" (3)

  1. All the best for a speedy recovery! I promise – spring is a-coming! Meteologically we have spring already…
    Your knits are beautiful, as always. I would love to knit that beautiful sock, could not find the pattern though on the designer's page. Is is published already?

  2. Dear Ms. Laura, I have updated with pattern link. It was just launched on Ravelry this morning. ENJOY!!!!

    Spring here in high desert doesn't come until late May early June LOL

  3. […] of math. Don’t you think?  Numbers don’t change based on their applications. Like Ziprelaxagon, the design plays with sock yarn with short color breaks. It avoids undesirable color pooling in […]

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