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How Many Times

have you had too much on your plate? Yesterday’s post led me to re-examine my plate. Taking a quick glance at March, it will be another crazy month in my world! My plate cannot fit one more thing–I am not talking about all that involved in older teen’s Solo and Ensemble competition this weekend or my spring break retreat with Judith McKenzie McCuin in two weeks! The overabundance of all the projects and activities lately are beginning to creep into the level of high anxiety.
Feathered Feet off Draft 4
Last run of this gorgeous design…Kirsten’s pattern will soon be available
I am notorious for taking on too much. This month is even a bit over the top. I notice my mood has already shifted almost hourly from excitement to exhaustion to frustration to joy…like a manic depressive person who’s forgotten to take his/her medication.
Purple Fiesta
Honestly, I no long can squeeze any more on my plate. It comes to a point where I just have to say the forbidden word N0, I have had enough, thank you. I am way, way too full to add one more. Certain projects just have to be put on the back-burner. I completely get that rationally. Hard part is being okay with it, mentally. Sometimes, I just have to say…NO MORE.
Purple Fiesta
After free-motion quilting, the vest will shrink to size…at least I hope so!
Have you ever felt that way? What projects have you neglected due to having too much on your plate? Most importantly, how did you deal with it?
Spring in the Air
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "How Many Times" (3)

  1. Just remember, “No” is a complete sentence. That's the only way to deal with overload. I have finally realized that I do have limits!

  2. Oooh, the vest looks wonderful! I'm getting pretty good at saying no!

  3. love that knited piece. Are you still destashing the alchey yarn on ravelry?

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