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A lot has been said about current generation of teens being habitual multitaskers, carrying on their lives in multiple windows of browser while they do their homework, listening to music while they study, texting to a friend while hanging out with another (I see adults doing that too!) Some people, like John Tess, say this makes them less effective overall. Others say that they’re actually really good at this because they grew up with it (me being one :D)
Textured Vest - Text Editor's Choice
New swatch for current mystery knit that’s due on March 3
But today, I started thinking about a different kind of multitasking that my teens aren’t very good at. I don’t see any reason to make generational generalizations, as I’m not great at it myself. But my teens seem to work exclusively on whatever has the closest deadline, then the next one, and the next one…when facing multiple tests or back-to-back competitions during the period, they struggle and, like this dreary night, near giving up on trying.
Textured Vest Re-Chart
My interpretation of the mystery knit without input from the designer, who’s on vacation
This is something that is both very hard to learn yet important. It’s not multitasking so much as project management/juggling. Understanding how to break a big project into smaller parts and get them done in a reasonable amount of time while still leaving yourself enough leeway for mistakes/life is something that is essential for getting ahead in most tasks. How can I get this through teens’ heads?
Prepping for Funky Vest
Over ten yards of washed fabric to be ironed by 4 pm tomorrow…oh mine!
While trying to meet a deadline, you discover a snag that will hinder the finished product. How do you handle it?
Morning at West Hill T.C.
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Multitasking" (3)

  1. Snicker snicker! I know exactly what you mean. And creative types are prone to waiting for inspiration and then riding that wave of midnight adrenaline…

  2. I do find it interesting that so many people are discussing the whole multitasking thing. I've heard it said that multitasking is just plain impossible, but as I sit at my computer knitting a pattern stitch while reading Ravelry posts on the screen and still following a lot of the plot of what my husband is watching on TV … well, I believe in multitasking.

    That fabric is absolutely gorgeous! Lower right and upper left are really grabbing me.

  3. hubby and I are both like this, often we have so much going on that we reverse prioritize our assignment/tasks, then figure out what needs to be finished first, and which will take the least amount of time. Work through those and then start on the longer term or larger projects.

    Currently, we have finals week coming up, so we are prioritizing by which exams are first in the week, AND which final projects are due first, or will take the most time.

    I also do this for gift knitting. I need to do a shrug for my nieces birthday/easter dress, but I will probably wait until the day before because she is so small, but I need a shrug for my coast trip with hubby, I will probably start it earlier… probably…

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