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Simple and Gratifying

The Emily Shmemily shawlette is supposedly a one-skein wonder
Emiily Shmemily Shawl Finished
18 Finished Knit of 52in52-2011 Challenge and #6 FO of the month of February
I had to weigh at end of each 2-row lace pattern repeat
Emiily Shmemily Shawl I-Cord Half Way
during the last few repeats to insure adequate yardage
Emiily Shmemily Shawl Lace Edging
for a 2-stitch I-Cord bind off
Emiily Shemily Shawl Lace Edging
with just 2 inches at the end to weave in…PHEW!
Emiily Shmemily Shawl I-Cord Finished
Now, the shawl (in Blue Moon’s bleeding STR) just needs to be color-set in vinegar-bath, rinsed, and hard-blocked. Modeled photos are coming soon when weather permitting…(It’s one-degree out with temperature dropping steadily! High in the day was 17°)
Cold Front
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Simple and Gratifying" (3)

  1. Looks like a lovely shawlette and very useful. Good thing you made it to the end of your bindoff!
    And that's a mighty impressive shot of icicles!

  2. A close call.

    Why vinegar-bath. I am sure you have a perfectly good reason for it but I cant figure out why 🙂

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