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Pretty Butterfly

Wheeeeeee!! I have the pattern in my head after the first visit.
Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
#15 Finished Knit of 52in52-2011 Challenge and #3 FO of the month of February
You should see it in real life. The colors are amazing. Using two different contrasting-color balls forms more drastic sort of a 3-Dimensional shadow effect. As this is a shop sample, I had to knit as pattern’s written in US Size 5 needles.
Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
Total Weight and Yardage Used: 61 grams (or 234 yards) of Crystal Palace Mini Mochi Grey and Multi-color
(After wash and trimming off fusses, it weighs 58 grams)

If this is your first experience in brioche knitting, you may find these notes helpful

  • Work each stitch slowly to figure out what’s going on.
  • Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS

  • Be careful not to lose one of the M1s (aka make one) on following rows.  Remember that you will be wrapping each of the m1’s with a YO (yarn-over aka yarn-forward) on second part of Row 1
  • Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS

  • With the p2tog on Row 1 wrong side, what you are actually doing is purling the M1 from Row 1 (MC) and the wrap from Row 1 (CC) together.  The M1s are really just YOs.  If you lose the wrap on the stitch after the second M1, just pick up the MC yarn and you will be fine to continue.  The p2tog really threw first-timers off.  Consider this:  A stitch and its YO are considered just one stitch.  Just think of p2tog as purl two stitches together – a stitch/yo pair together with a singleton stitch.
  • Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS

  • If you use one ball of CP Mini mochi, be sure to weigh first section after ribbing so you know when to stop the middle lace to avoid running out of yarn before finishing the opposite end.
  • Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS

  • Nancy’s Italian Bind-Off video may appear a bit complicated to you.  Try this.  Simply split the two–MC (a stitch and a yo) and CC stitches–and graft them together as in a tubular bind-off, equal yarn path but easier to execute.

Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS

  • Lastly, the lacy stitches open up tremendously resulting very loosey goosey fabric. I had to maneuver back to shape during blocking. If you like a more spongy, lofty, textural effect, I suggest to knit the scarf in Size 4 needles but remember to add more repeats in beginning and end of the pattern.
  • Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
    Once you figure out what you’re doing, brioche knitting really isn’t so bad.  On my first adventure, I have had to restart a couple of times and done numerous tinks (knit spelled backward!)  When I finally understand all the stitches, it’s a delightful experience!
    Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
    No more head scratching, the pattern eventually becomes clear.
    Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
    I started and finished this scarf on Thursday and am totally feeling like a whiz after getting it down to a 4-hour knit. There is a rhythm to it once you figure it out.
    Rodekool 2nd Delightful Journey LIVE SHOTS
    Two scarves in one, totally reversible
    Did you notice, in current Vogue Knitting issue, a long article about Nancy Marchant, the talented designer, and brioche knitting? Nancy included another keyhole scarf design–this one with a 26-stitch cast on. Another pretty I will play with soon…after all shop samples and test-knits! Both the magazine and wide spectrum of Cyrstal Palace Mini Mochi colorways are available at Twisted/PDX (online or in person.)
    Morning at West Hill T.C.
    Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

    (still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


    Comments on: "Pretty Butterfly" (3)

    1. Sarah, gorgeous. I have seen this pattern and wanted to make it when I first saw it, but after seeing yours it gives me the urge to cast on right now! lol Just lovely!

    2. That's beautiful! I've been gazing at this pattern with interest. I really like your first one, too. The idea of having it be longer does seem to add versatility. I think it could be gorgeous in two of Meg's colorways. Got to think about this …

    3. Sarah, again a beautiful project – I love both reversible scarves, the brioche stitch is perfect for this! You have such an instinct for choosing colors! Why else would it be that patterns always look even better in your version? 🙂

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