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Aspen’s Smile

This seamless sweater coat (shown last night) is a really fun knit. I love how it turned out.
Aspen's Smile Modeled on 36
#13 Finished Knit of 52in52-2011 Challenge and #1 FO of the month of February
The Patons Pure organic cotton was very suitable for such a project and looks great in this design. The skirt is made with an easily memorized 10-stitch, 10-row pattern repeat. The body is made with minimal shaping.
Aspen's Smile Modeled on 36
1.34 skeins (or 156.8 yards) in Red; 3.04 skeins (or 355.7 yards) in Ruby Rose
This pattern is designed to be a garment that would fit for little ones for some time. It’s like knitting washcloths and adding sleeves.
Aspen's Smile Modeled on 36
22″ Center Neck to Hem, 26″ Chest/Waist
12.5″ Armpit-to-Cuff; 7″ Wrist; & 33” Hem

However, don’t forget to give the little girl some room at the neck–a round neck, an inch deep will be plenty.
Aspen's Smile Modeled on 36
Modeled on a 36″ Life-size Barbie
I scratched the ruffled hemline option in finer/lighter silk cotton (reserve for next sample.) This top-down, raglan dress/coat may be constructed as a vest, knee length dress or below knee…perfect knitwear for all occasions and all seasons, year round. Dress it up, dress it down, alone or over a tee shirt and wear it with a pair of tights, jeans, leggings, or without! Any little girl is sure to be the talk of the town when wearing this…at least I hope so.
Aspen's Smile
Besides needing to find some buttons to match and small amount of cotton/linen or silk dupioni to line the textured seed bands, I may edge in some sort of fluffy novelty yarn, embellishment…
1st Friday Art Walk
See just how much I depend on knitting as part of my daily rituals! Watching videos or listening to podcasts/book-on-tape is excruciating without something to do with my hands. That leaves doing dishes or folding laundry. Maybe things aren’t that desperate yet. Wait! I can do a bit of sewing…
Aspen's Smile Modeled on 36
Can hardly wait to see a picture of this princess coat on sweet Aspen! It has to travel accross country first :oD
1st Friday Art Walk
1st Friday Art Walk
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Aspen’s Smile" (2)

  1. Cute! What fun colors and patterns, too. She’s going to love it.

  2. It is indeed delightful! Beautiful colors, a stitch pattern that looks lots of fun and flexible top-down shaping. I love this!

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