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Knitting While Waiting…

and waiting while knitting. That is my secret for avoiding long waits at parking lots, shopping with the kids…(and those long/malfunctioned red lights at the stops!)
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
#11 of Finished Knit of 52in52-2011 Challenge and #11 FO of the month of January
At long last, we finally got a little break…decent weather…not too unbearable for the 12-year-old photographer to be on location for a short photo session! (There’s a darling, matching pair of open-toe dress shoes…but it was just too insanely cold to wear!)
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
in Stitch Nations by Debbie Stoller Alpaca Love
724 yards (or 467 grams) in Dusk and 194 yards (or 124 grams) in Fern

Another winning knitwear design by Andrea Rangel who teaches, knits, and designs in Seattle, Washington. Andrea was responsive, attentive to details, and a joy to work with. I’m delighted with this textured tunic! It’s very easy to wear and surprisingly versatile. Pair it with delicate tights or rugged jeans–anything goes. It is destined to be a favorite for me this winter.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
Cast On January 21, 2011; Bind Off January 28, 2011
The alpaca yarn was an excellent substitute. My finished project is 198 yards lighter than if I’d made it with suggested yarn. It bloomed beautifully after a soak, looks, and feels absolutely lovely–light, soft, cushy, warm, and buoyant–perfect for twisty stitches, cables, and bobbles.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
Total Knitting Hours: Around 11.
Generally, double the amount of time noted for an average speed knitter

The intricate patterns flow intuitively. Once established, it’s rather mindless, my perfect mobile project. At times, I was concerned that the dress looked small/snugged.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
Yet, it fits beautifully. Best thing for a knitter is to try it on as she goes. I went with the patterned length for the dress and it’s perfect for me. If I want it longer, I just pull the hem down more. It has quite a bit of ease for a pleasant, custom fit…
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
delightful and very flattering
to my pear-shape figure. A show-stopper.

The contrasting bands came out snugged but do not pose a fitting issue. I suspect it’s more my issue than the pattern–would definitely adjust for more relaxed edges in the future by casting on with Size 11 needles (instead of 10.) As pictured, it tends to curl outward.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
I love the feel of the cowl unblocked.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit (Front Preblock)
But, the blocked version provides a clearer stitch definition.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
I’m short and stubby, with short stubby feet…never appreciated my build until I started knitting 😀 I must admit…I love this tunic-dress, my week-long secret knit, and wear it constantly with leggings, comfortable casual/semi-dressy wear. Pattern will be available sometime in March.
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
There will be another tunic in alpaca yarn
…very cushy, lofty, warm, and comfy.

Parmenia Dress Test Knit Modeled
I keep trying different things to speed up my knitting and am getting faster, but not at all a quick knitter comparing to those Shetlanders. Practice…more practice. I still can’t believe it is already February. Time is just racing by way too fast!
Crispy Cold Day
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Knitting While Waiting…" (5)

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely!
    The ever attractive combination of purple and green, and particularly this bright and spring-colors provoking fresh green! The texture of this dress is beautiful. And I love those nature pictures you add.

  2. So cute, and so cute on you! Well done. I have not been brave enough to knit an entire dress. I'm afraid I'd find that it didn't fit/flatter after all that knitting. Yours is perfect!

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the cowl. And it looks so great on you.

  4. WOW! That's gorgeous. What a snuggly collar and warm warm cables! Well done.

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