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Bedouin, Mid-Winter Treat

This is one happy medium-size shoulder bag, worked all in one piece (knit-up piece was shown here last night.)
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware (Stuffed)
My #12 Finished Knit of 52in52-2011 Challenge and #12 FO of the month.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware
Inside of unlined Bedoulin Bag in medium size
The pattern makes for an interesting, ridged texture.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware
Consumed 753 grams or 1665 yards of Shepherd’s Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill, in Pewter
While Noni patterns may look polished and sophisticated, this Bedouin bag wasn’t difficult to knit. With a project like this one that has a ton of stockinette stitches, I knitted back and forth between English and Continental styles (for knit stitches) and purled in Norwegian style to keep my knitting tools sharp.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware (Stuffed)
On huge Size 11 needles and double-stranded worsted yarn, it wasn’t too fiddly and done up fast
Noni Test Knit
Before felting, it measures 8″x15″ bottom, 28″ body height, & 50″ circumference
Each 17-row pattern repeat is 3″ tall

all in a day’s worth
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware
Once felted, bottom piece came to 7.25″ by 13″
When laying naturally, it does give me the 8″ depth per pattern.
Top Opening: 38″ circumference
Body Height: 21″

The pattern called for a 13″ width. After a 55-minute full-cycle, 9 more minutes in second cycle, a 16-minute rinse & spin in my front loader, and rigorous body upward stretch, I got mid-section down to 16.5″ from 25″ (pre-felt.) I seriously questioned the 13″ body width and have emailed Nora Bellows, the designer on same. My guess: It is for the bottom-piece measurement.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware
Looks great, doesn’t it?
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware
Only if you can reach out and touch…the wonderfully softest, irresistible pin-drafted Merino top, reasonably priced and felts like gangbusters. It is a beautiful thing.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware (Stuffed)
The spin of the wool produces a smooth, almost shiny fiber
It’s a delight to handle.

Here is what it would resemble once the hardware and strap are put on by the shop:

courtesy of Noni
I absolutely LURVE the felted/well-padded fabric and highly recommend both the pattern and deliciously soft Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool, available at Knit-Purl–all for under $80. (I would use the wool in any of my projects where stitch definition is a must; this one loves intricate patterns!)
Noni Test Knit 4x5 Swatch Purl Side
Where you’re instructed to increase stitches, I knitted front & back of every 3rd stitch–perfectly spaced.
The handbag is very well-padded and cushy. Personally, I would do without the optional lining.
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware (Stuffed)
It’s very roomy, but, that means it holds too much stuff…well, to each his/her own!
Noni Bedouin Felted Bag without hardware (Stuffed)
Be sure to check out the complete store sample at your next visit to Knit-Purl
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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  1. Hi, Sara! The bag looks great; can't wait to meet it. Let me know if you're ready for more fun….Kristin at Knit-Purl…ps your blog is amazing, as is your craft…..

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