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Continental or English??

I knit both ways but my go-to way is English. When most people say that they knit English style, I’ve found that can mean different things to different folks. Here in United States when people say they knit English, usually it means (in my personal experience) that they knit American Lasso Style–probably the slowest knitting method on the universe 😀
Parmenia Dress Test Knit Dress Done
What a American Lasso Style knitter do is completely remove her right hand from the needle to lasso/wrap the yarn. It is rather painful for me to watch–but that’s just the right way for that knitter (it’s all about being in the moments, no right or wrong.)
The fastest knitter I’ve seen was a 80ish-year-old gal in my old home town (Lafayette, California) who knits English-style–her hands never left the right needle. It’s the same way I knit. I used the right knitting needle, in a pencil hold like a shuttle, and the yarn is held on the tip of my index finger.
Remember the speed of Sheltand knitters? Here is a video of a Shetland style-knitter from 2008:

I learned to knit both English and Continental style–terrific for fair-isle/color knitting. I do know there are slow and fast knitters in both camps. My suggestion is to experiment with both styles. Try Continental but don’t dismiss different ways of knitting English Style either. What ever method you choose, have fun and not let your knitting become work! 😀
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Continental or English??" (1)

  1. Whoa. Very fast. Now I see how those 200 sts/minute could be possible.

    I'm an English knitter too, but I draw the yarn between my index and middle finger instead of over the top of the index finger from the front. I'm not sure how I got that way, probably misunderstood some instructions in a book. But it works for me.

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