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You Trash, Me Treasure

Since the day my family and I uprooted to the high desert to live, I have never ceased to be amazed by the luxurious display of its spectacular Cascade mountain range, rivers, and lakes. It became a never ending source of inspiration for my restless hands.
Art Yarn and Beads
This necklace is dedicated to my friend Pam of Baabaara’s Wild & Wooly. I rescued the wonderful 4-gram, 2-ply merino art-yarn spun and plied by Pam this afternoon, on its way to the waste basket.
Art Yarn and Beads
Right then and there, it was quickly finger-crocheted into a 5-yard rope. When I got home, I threaded through the art yarn from my stash some glass and metal beads (used a mixture of 3 packs) by Cousin Trinkettes line. Then secured both ends with silver pins through silver cone bead, and attached to Sterling Silver clasp/findings. It was assembled in less than 5 minutes.
Art Yarn and Beads
Gauge is not important for this piece. Necklace length can be varied to suit the wearer, but, 18- to 24-inch length is recommended. You will need about 5 yard of yarn of your choice, some art beads/crystals, one jump ring, and one clasp.
Art Yarn and Beads
Super easy! Super fast! I’ve made tons of these in the past but not in hand-spun art yarn. Sometimes I make them a little longer and tie a knot to get a different look. It can be worn in a variety of ways. Several times around a wrist makes it a beautiful furry-like bracelet
Art Yarn and Beads
Art Yarn and Beads
It could be used as a loose circlet around a veil or simply as an edging to customize a shirt or a tablecloth (in which case you’ll need more thread and time!) A quick and easy crocheted necklace that is a suitable project for beginners. Hope you are inspired to turn one’s trash into your own treasure 😀
Art Yarn and Beads
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "You Trash, Me Treasure" (2)

  1. So right, so wonderful, so precious!
    Your eyes see the beauty of materials like nobody else's, and then you go ahead and create something that beautiful !

  2. You are so creative! That is a delightful piece. I have only ever made a couple of knit rings for Meg (tiny gauge, linen stitch, took forever.) I think this looks like a lot more fun!

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