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The IN Thing

Entrelac seems to be it right now. I keep seeing it everywhere. The technique might be a bit fiddly at first; but, really once you have the basic method down, it’s simple.
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
The instructions for Quant are pretty good if you want to give it a quick try.
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
Smooth out only to retain its textural interest–measures 54″ by 20″
…however, an airy/open lace would look beautiful/elegant too

Can you knit? Can you purl? Can you k2tog and p2tog? Can you pick up stitches? Then you can entrelac.
I-cord Bind Off to Koi Garden Test #3
Each 5.25″ by 4″ motif uses roughly 3.86 grams (or 10 yards) of LB Amazing
I like the look. Entrelac isn’t really challenging though. It’s just tedious (especially if you can’t knit backwards.)
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
Entrelac and Lion Brand Amazing yarns are a match made in heaven. The shawl shown here is worked using three different colorway skeins: Alternating Aurora and Wildflower between tiers; last tier in Ruby solely. I knit the shawls without worrying too much about how the colors combined. I just let its progressions unfold naturally even when I initially disliked the combinations and arrangements that seemed to be developing.
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
Some of the juxtapositions seemed chaotic and awkward while I was knitting
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
but when I am finished, these combinations made the finished shawls more vibrant and interesting than they would have been if I’d tried to arrange the colors to make them more even or more obviously pleasing.
Koi Garden Test #3 & Finally Done
The test-knit portion is completed as shown above. I added a tier of semi-scallops, a few garter-rows (both in Size 7 needles) and I-Cord (in Size 10.5 domino needles) to finish the neckline.
I-cord Bind Off to Koi Garden Test #3
The leaf border is another I decided a good enhancement. What do you think?
Leaf Knit-On Edge to Koi Garden Test #3
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "The IN Thing" (9)

  1. This is absolutely stunning – can’t wait for the pattern – particularly if it’s as easy as you say.

  2. Just saw it was made with Lion Brand Amazing – I WANT some – does what it says on the label – the colours are amazing! But we can’t get it here – I think I’m going to try mailorder.

  3. B E A U T I F U L !!!!!!

  4. I have been looking for a baby blanket along these lines! Would it be easy enough to decrease halfway through to make it square? Can’t wait for the release! You say this weekend:)

  5. Very pretty!!!

  6. Your description of letting the colors do their thing was wonderful. What a neat discovery. I am all for letting the random colors emerge. Surprises are often good.

    It will be interesting to see the border, which I suspect will be a good addition.

  7. Well, Sarah, you did it AGAIN! That is so beautiful!

  8. By the way, I would love to see more of the leaf border and how it turned out all over.

  9. Very lovely! I am currently having a love affair with entrelac, too.

    And I bet you do purl back backwards!

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