A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Make one and you can be hooked!
Feathered Feet Draft #3 All Four Modules for Size Small
Four different modules to customize your sizing to tailor-fit
each weighs more or less of 2 grams (no more than 4 yards)
From Left to Right: Flat Narrow, Flat, Stretchy Narrow, and Stretchy

Feathered Feet #1 Modeled on Teen's Medium Size Foot
One Test Sock weighs 79 grams or 195 yards of SockThatRock MediumWeight in Fire on the Mountain
No partial or half hexagon
Feathered Feet 8.5
Feathered Feet Test #1 previously mentioned here, here, and here
No breaking yarn, truly seamless
Feathered Feet 2
except for a tiny bit of weaving in tails for afterthought toes and cuffs.
Feathered Feet 2
Foot Length: 9”
Cuff to Heel: 7”
Cuff: 8.5” Circumference by 1” tall (to Peak of Tier 5)
Toe: 2” tip to Peak of Tier 1
Foot Circumference: 8”
Arch: 11.5”

With any random stripy leftovers or single skeins acquire, this is a fun pattern. Each tier of hexagon is done up quickly so it’s perfect for those times when you’re waiting to pick up kids or waiting for the water to boil.
Feathered Feet 8.5
I am excited to apply the techniques learned from Kirsten aka spindleknitter to my on again/off again king-size hexagon blanket project for my sweetheart
Hexagon Bedspread
Over the Rainbow Earliy in the Chilling Winter Morning
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Rainbow in the Clouds of Winter Glory" (3)

  1. That is a really fun sock design. The details look elegant! And the hexagon blanket is colorful and looks as though there would be lots of warmth. Beautiful rainbow photo, too.

  2. Your blog : once again I take a wonderful and so rewarding walk through colors – admiring your knitting and photographic skills!

  3. Very cool! I keep looking at the photo and trying to wrap my brain around how it works with no breaking yarns. Hmmmm….

    Oh, and by the way, if you get a chance to look, I've actually blogged this week–twice! You can have a tour of my little craft room and you can see my first ever knitting tutorial…a how-to on the belly button cast-on for a Ravelry friend who was struggling with it.

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