A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Such a pretty, don’t you agree.

courtesy of ZEKsLITE
I am quite fortunate to meet–on Ravelry–Kirsten Hall, the second-place winner of Think Outside The SOX Contest late last year. We both share the passion of spinning, knitting, photography, doodling (Zentangles), quilting, sewing, origami-making…basically all thing creating. Her accomplished sense of colors is stunning, beautiful, kaleidoscopic. You can find Kirsten here online at ZEKsLITE or on Ravelry as Spindleknitter.
Hexagon Socks by Kirsten Hall
courtesy of ZEKsLITE
I am very thrilled to be testing her latest design shown above. Yarn chosen
Feathered Feet Test
Blue Moon’s Socks that Rock named Fire on the Mountain
Ball wound
Feathered Feet Test
Needles clicking…first arrowhead in hexagon form is knitted flat, then zipped together without yarn, similar to Japanese 3-needle bind off I often use on garments
Feathered Feet Test
The medium-weight Superwash Merino yarn was one of my many splurges at first Sock Summit in Portland. Kirsten’s graciously crediting me for my yarn for the project and I get to keep the socks when finished. Isn’t that so sweet of her?! Thank you, Kirsten! The colors are beautiful and this yarn is so nice to knit with.
Feathered Feet Test
On non-knitting related, my friend Vicky commented on yesterday’s post

Looks to me like 5 Star Chocolate Bars were on your mind more than the knitting was!!

Heehee…you are right on, Vicky! I am always on a lookout for delicious chocolate. The 2-ounce pricey candy bar, though not superfluously large, from Lake Champlain, packs enough wallop to silence the sweet tooth. There is much more to savor…so rich and smooth with just the faintest hint of crunch. It is heaven.
2010 Christmas Delight...Chocolate Heaven!
New stash found few weeks back inside my Christmas stocking
Now back to tackling on second module…
Feathered Feet Test
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Feathered Feet…Modular Fun" (2)

  1. That is a most entertaining pattern, and the yarn is wild! I think those are going to be some of the most fun socks ever!

  2. Who would have known how much fun one can have with socks! I remember my first battle with five needles – which is how one knitted socks in the late 40s – with unravelled yarn from other garments – the heel requiring higher math or so it seemed – and now look at your colorful and joyous compositions, be they socks or hats! You are really taking knitting to another level, dear Sarah! Thank you again for the Japanese bind-off, so helpful.

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