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Wicked Autumn

No time to write…being a single-mom for two weeks just exhausting! I’m popping in to finally show you some modeled shots of a fun experiment that was completed back in early December (previous shown here, here, and here.)
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
This wrap may be worn many different ways…as a scarf, draped over the head, as a shoulder wrap, or even a skirt! (Just use your imagination, please.)
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
In a more drapery, lacy yarn, it will hang very differently on the shoulders.
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
The joint marriage of corrugated rib,
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
lacy brioche
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
and color-work has proven to be heavenly.
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
This 6-skein wonder keeps my neck and shoulders warm in elegant style!
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
This is a true Moebius design, using Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cast On.
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
Instructional video (Intro to Moebius Knitting) for the cast on may be found on YouTube. For a larger wrap, use a slightly thicker yarn and larger needles. As is, a 120-cm length of circular needle is necessary to accommodate the Moebius. I used a shorter one until the last few rows and let me tell you…it’s fingers abuse! Absolutely painfully brutal!
Corrugated Rib Moebius
I am planning out lace, beads, and embellishments for the next version and hope to cast on again soon. Knitting is easy. Boy, writing up patterns is another story!
Corrugated Rib Moebius Modeled
Thanks again to my designated photographer! You are the greatest ^.^
Cold morning
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Wicked Autumn" (10)

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Spectacular! I really need to figure out this pattern. Everyone has been asking about you at knitting. I hope we'll see you there again soon!

  3. I love that! And you definitely have the perfect weather to enjoy it, too.

  4. Anonymous said:

    Gorgeous! The color changes are really wonderful. I'm amazed that a Moebius design seems to lay so flat on you when worn as a shawl.
    –elizaduckie (Ravelry)

  5. Anonymous said:

    Its stunning…simply stunning! The colors and the way they change simply take my breath away. You are one very skilled lady.

  6. That is absolutely and completely spectacular! Great combination of pattern and materials. You are a constant inspiration!

  7. Stunning piece!! I love the colors…perfect to brighten and warm up a winter's day!

  8. Sarah, I declare! Each time I look at this wrap I swoon at its gorgeous deliciousness! And believe me, I have looked at it on your Ravelry project page so many times! Good thing they don't charge per view. Your work is lovely!

  9. Would you please invite me to be a guest on your bog? It won’t let me in without an invitation from you. =) Holly McGuire
    Maybe I can better understand your wonderful Autumn thing that way.

  10. BLOG, not BOG. DUH!

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