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Artist’s Tool

My Canon digital camera with 8 MP is over a year old. It wasn’t cheapo camera by any mean. Now that I’ve been learning and playing more, I am contemplating whether or not to upgrade my equipment. Should I get one that has 10 or 12 MP? With over 60 years of improvements in cameras, lens sharpness and film grain, resolution and dynamic range, will I be able to equal what Ansel Adams did back in the 1940s by loading up with the most extraordinary gear?

Courtesy of PhotoIndica, 1942 Yosemite Valley Clearing Winterstorm by Ansel Adams?
This humorous story popped in my head. A guy broke a wrist and asked his doctor: Doctor, will I be able to play the piano after this heals? The doctor replied Absolutely, no problem! The man laughed and pointed out that’s great because he never could play the piano before!
Buying a Steinway doesn’t make me a great pianist. Buying a great camera definitely doesn’t guarantee I will create compelling pictures. In other word, a good pianist can play on any piano. So will a good photographer make great pictures with a 50-year-old box camera that is more primitive than today’s disposable ones. Camera doesn’t take pictures, photographer does. Camera is just an artist’s tool. It’s entirely an artist’s lens, patience, and technique that makes an image and not his/her tools.
Snow, Rain, and Sleet
So much to learn and experiment…so little time!
Silke Jacket
swatch for Silke Jacket by one of my favorite designer Shannon Okey
Early Stroll with DD#2
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Artist’s Tool" (2)

  1. I know that a great pianist can make any piano sing. But we lesser pianists can use all the help we can get, and I'm happy to play a great piano!

    Yes, go get more camera gear. It's fun, and you use it a lot.

  2. […] you feel the same way as I do…be inspired! (Sorry for the lack of finished photos as another Canon digital camera bites the dust…TODAY!  GEESH!) Happy crafting and keep those creative juices […]

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