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Untutored Wanna be Spinner

that I am, I love using a drop spindle, only I don’t drop it very much. By no mean does it mean I am an excellent spindler. I am not even sure my portable spinning skill is correct, but it works for me thus far.
BFL, Merino
Besides spindling frequently, I attribute the success to choosing the right spindle for the fiber to be spun. Contrary to most beginners, my love for lace dictated my selection of spindles. My success with drop spindling took off when I started using a Jenkins Turkish Delight
later Spindlewood Square Whorl Minis
Handpainted BFL Roving PEACE
Fine Spinning on Spindlewood spindles
spinning fine, short-stapled exotic fibers (like cashmere, camel, and yak) or slippery merino, kid mohair, alpaca, silk, bamboo, a blend, or angora.

Majority of my spindle flock is under an ounce (Kuchulu Spindles under 1/2 ounce.)
CashMerino on Left and Rombouillet on Right
Its appearance is the result of wonderful craftsmanship/engineering/design. It spins a long time and the different choices of wood are to die for.
There are other spindle makers out there that do embellishments/inlays/different shaped whorls like my Ken Ledbetter Abalone Shell Disk or Clay Disk
KCL Mosiac Spindle
or Forrester Decade
which I use them mainly for plying.

Form follows function. You won’t be disappointed by buying one. These wood craftsmen are very conscientious and dedicated to the art/craft of spinning.
Mystery Batt on Sister Spinster Spindles 3.25 inch 1 oz Whorl
My spindles spin right before me–on a table, on the grass, on my lap–balancing like magic. And then comes the good part: when you go to wind the yarn up, you spin it onto the spindle, in the blink of an eye.
Azora Jacob X BFL English Blue 15g Spun
Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Drop spinning is a simple and economical way to see if you like making your own yarn. I use my spindles even though I have six spinning wheels because they are highly portable and may be done anywhere. It’s ridiculously addictive and fun.
Drop Spindle Fun 05.11.2009
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Untutored Wanna be Spinner" (1)

  1. Six spinning wheels AND a lovely collection of spindles!

    I'm plying today, very thin singles from my Turkish Delight on to my Kundert top-whorl. It's still very thin; I'm learning as I go.

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