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No Need to Wait

for 2011 to feel summer again. I have been experiencing an early Autumn heat wave–in high 80s every day since returning from Canby from the fiber fest–prompting me to clean
Mohair Yearling PreCleaning
Mohair Yearling acquired at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival over the weekend
scour a few fleeces in my closet, wash and dry
Rombouillet Fleece and Mohair Yearlings
Rombouillet Washed and Being Dried
Llama Washed and Cleaned
…before cold front returns. I am very well be on the verge of finishing up.

This time, I tried out a new scouring method learned at OFFF. The result is satisfying, from start to finish–clean, fresh, crisp, and without felting any lock.
Varigated Yearling Mohair Cleaned/Washed
Lay out a big piece of tulle, place the fleece on it.
Then lower it into hot water and open up the netting,
letting it FLOAT under the fleece.
Gather up the corners after 10 minutes and lift entire fleece out of water
without disturbing the lock structure
Hang the netting to drain–step outside
and whirl the bundle around to get out the excess
Be sure a mesh drain insert is in place before draining water out.
Repeat above steps as needed/desired
After the fiber is cooled totally at last rinse (in the bucket or outside),
do a final rinse in cool water.
Doesn’t have to be cold, but nothing you could call warm either.
Swish the locks around. They’re floating free.

To spin it in the washer now,
I just put it in with the netting corners loosely tied.
Nearly 6-pound Romney Washed
I scour half of a whole fleece at-a-time in the bathtub and get a whole one scoured in much less time this way than previous experiments. Most importantly, the fleece is much cleaner, faster, not having it bundled up, trapping dirt in.
Hand and Drum-card Rombouillet Batts
Rombouillet 2-Ply and 3-Ply Samples
What’s important is that I play around with the process and find what works best for my needs. Isn’t it fun????
In the NewsIMG_0011
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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