A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

What an amazing experience! Complete sensory overload.
One of new Turkish Spindle shown yesterday, made with White Katalox on Burmese Blackwood Shaft, is actually named Jenkins Kuchulu. Here is another one came home with me
Believe it or not…I’ve survived another day of prohibition against coming home with a Shetland or Pygora. Instead, these deliciously soft batts magically turned up in my trunk
Alpaca/BFL Batt by Taylored Fibers
I felt in love with the angora-like fluffy batt, after spinning and plying up some lace sample, testing out Kevin and Beth Hansen’s electric MiniSpinner
Hansen Electric Spinner
Next model will be debut at
Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September
with better customized flyer, bigger motor–so will the price tag!

Barry and Linda Taylor
Taylored Fibers
brains behind the wonderful Alpaca/BFL batt creation
were so sweet to let me haggled the bump to $25 from $41! I do hope they will be accepted as vendor at next Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. If not, you will sure find them at Sunday Parking Lot Sale–they were the first to offer washed fleeces there.
Alpaca/Wool Batt from Superior Fiber
a bargain of $17.50 for 10 ounces of scrumptious fluff

My friend Carol from Washington showed me some gorgeous hand-dyed BFL top from Crown Mountain and I loved it so
…this 8-oz Peace of Mind Polwarth, from Crown Mountain, came home with me $30 later
Peac of Mind from Crown Mountain
Below is spindle-spun out of Superior Fiber 10-ounce Alpaca/Wool batt
Alpaca Wool Batt from Superior Fibers
The picture doesn’t do its justice
plied with my chocolate Alpaca
Ken Ledbetter Mosaic Spindle
The 1.28-oz Mosaic Spindle is one of Ken Ledbetter’s gorgeous creations
featured Bolinga Finale, Mesquite Whorl, Maple Shaft, and Mosaic Shell Inlay

The 15-yard sample (20 wpi) reminds me of the luxurious hand-dyed Noro Kochoran–without the hefty price-tag, plus the yarn has been discontinued. I can’t wait to spin up all for a sweater project.

I am totally dazzled by my second year of experience at Black Sheep Gathering. If I didn’t live in a CC&R-governed home, I’d definitely have come home with one of the adorable critters. It was another great day–looking at yarns, fiber, electric spinner, chatting with friends/vendors
Yarns and Rovings
A special thanks to all the hardworking volunteers who made this wonderful fiber haven happen!
Julie from San Diego
Maggie The Brave
Maggie The Brave from Bellingham, WA
as suspected, Mag worked with my knitting friend Noreen before moving to Bend!

VolinJodie Demo
Local Talent VolinJodie demonstrating lace-single spun projects
I am too tired to recap and show my enormous stash…tomorrow, I promise!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

(still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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