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Bead Still My Heart

I finished a glorious pair of beaded, silky fingerless mittens. This makes #27 of 52in52-2010 Challenge.

PROJECT SPECS (One without beads shown here)
March 18, 2010
BIND OFF: March 19, 2010 (Approximately 4 hours in knitting and blocking time.)
PATTERN: Panache Fingerless Mitts by Peggy Bumgardner of High Desert Designs
MATERIAL: 45 grams of Naturally Caron SPA in Rose Bisque–35 grams for mittens and 10 grams for cuffs–10 grams of Japanese Premier 6/0 E glass beads (a little over a tube $2.75/each); and 1 1/3 packs of 7/16″ La Petite Pearl Heart buttons ($1.75 a pack of 3)
NEEDLES: 3.25mm 40″-cable Addi Circular
MEASUREMENTS: Woman’s Small/Medium; applied Kill Acrylic method
MODIFICATIONS: 1) German-twist cast on and knit two-at-a-time. 2) Slipped first stitch of each row. 3) Started with a Purl row. 4) Add beads (tutorial here) to every other stitch of Row 2 and Rows 1-9 where desired. 5) Increased gussets to 10 stitches (instead of 12) by skipping Rows 39-40. 6) Instead of yarn-over, I replaced it with appropriate M1R/M1L to eliminate lacy gussets. 6) When working on Thumbs, decreased 2 stitches out of 4 stitches over gap previously. 7) On Rows 49-53, use same needles, knit through back loop of knit stitches. Add beads to every other purl stitches on Row 53. 8)  Add an extra row of Knit stitches to thumbs, after 1×1 ribbing, before picot bind-off.  9) Add beads to yarn overs on purl-rows of buttoned-bands.  10) Knit buttoned bands to 7″ long, instead of 8.5″.
COMMENTS: Peggy is a genius at creating simply and easy-to-follow lace projects for those who are intimidated by lace knitting and chart reading.
Beaded Panache #2 Buttoned Up & Modeled
You MUST see Peggy’s newly published patterns (available only through Ravelry currently.) They are reasonably priced and won’t even put a dent in your wallet! I enjoyed every single stitch of this silky soft, bamboo blend beauty. The colors are hard to capture of course, but they are fabulous pale coral. Be forewarned…do NOT knit from both ends if knitting these two-at-a-time as I did. Instead, wind the yarn into a center ball or two individual balls. I spent more time untangling knots than knitting the mittens!
Beaded Panache  #2 Modeled
I made them not only because they are pretty and elegant, but with a purpose. It is a class sample for a local yarn shop. Beads were not pre-strung but knitted on the wrong side individually. It’s rather time-consuming, but, very therapeutic–it’s not about how fast to finish the project, rather, a process. I chose a very sparkly, premiere 6/0-E Japanese glass bead to go with the sparkly yarn. Any Southern belle would be happy to wear these, don’t you think?  Here is Barbara’s German version of Panache–just lovely rich.

As a bonus, you may wear the cuffs as pretty bracelets too.
Beaded Panache #2 Bracelet
Finally, here is Helleborus Yokecomfort and versatility–all buttoned up:
Helleborus Yoke Front SoakedJHB Buttons for Helleborus Yoke
I only had 6 of these lovely ivory hearts…hopefully a mate will be found when I am in the valley for spring break tomorrow. Sleeves will be added later in the fall.:D

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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Comments on: "Bead Still My Heart" (2)

  1. Hi Sarah,

    thank you for your lovely words about my Panache mitts.I saw them first here and it was really love at first sight! I also love this one with the beads.Great work!

    Hugs Barbara

  2. As always, Sarah, absolutely beautiful! I really think the yarn you used for the mitts is a lovely match of yarn to pattern. The yarn you chose, with its silky sheen really gives them a light and delicate look that suits the lacy pattern perfectly. As a genuine southern belle, I would wear them in a heartbeat!

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