A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

What’s Blooming

…The Helleborus.  ::snicker:: ::smirk:: ::cackle:
Helleborus Yoke Overview

The pretty pale coral, wooly yarn is truly wonderful,.  It has been quite hard to decide what to knit with it. I had plans…something that I can wrap around my body as it feels like a summer cloud against my skin. So so Soft.

I do have one question for the inhabitants of the great yarn wonderland: How is it possible to live there amongst all that pretty yarn and still have some money left to feed your family? Beats me.

Now, here is second set of the Helleborus Yoke project note for the interested knitters:

  1. I had one of the OOPS moment when wrapping up the last bit of the BACKforgotten to increase two stitches every 12th row in the YOKE CABLE panel–I didn’t realize it until close to end of the section.  Instead of unraveling twenty rows,  I just worked a stitch into moss pattern on Rows 9 and 13 (5th and last row to the end of the 32-row instruction.)  Can you tell the misadventure?
  2.  To keep the garment symmetric, I added the same short-row modification for left armhole as did right yesterday.
  3.  Instead of bind-off BACK, continue knitting LEFT FRONT for 8 row and put Moss stitches on a spare circular.
  4. Knit SLEEVE pattern five times, then Row 1-3.  Knit Row 4  of SLEEVE (WS) and Row 14 YOKE stitches held on a spare needle.  Repeat YOKE/SLEEVE until there are 12 reps of 3/3 RCs made in SLEEVE panel.  Knit next RS row.  Put YOKE stitches to holder.  Knit SLEEVE until there are 16 3/3 RC repeats plus 1st Row and 3-needle bind off the stitches.
  5. Helleborus Yoke Sleeves

  6. With WS facing me and yarn from Moss stitches held on a spare needle, knit Row 12 or 24 of YOKE pattern.
  7.  From cast-on edge to end of BACK, the piece came to 30″ wide.  Final circumference for the hipline will be about 38″.  Armhole to hip is 10″ long.  All is good.

Reverse knit is everything I thought. I don’t even count which row or what repeat I am at. Sweet when concept works not only mentally.   Collar and button band…maybe tomorrow!

    Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

    (still doesn’t do texting, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, DiggIt…)


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