A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I’m No Programmer

Welcome to the new techism. I have been revamping and giving my 3-column blog a makeover. What do you think?

I have opted to avoid trying to go next-gen and anticipate trends, but to instead shamelessly cash in on the current trends. By starting with less ambition and more realistic expectations, I was able to relax and get into this design. While uploading this template, I discovered a few areas of the template that still require further re-thinking of navigation. I’m not satisfied with the menu and sidebar section yet. So, you’ll probably notice more rearranging (and possibly replacement) of widgets over the next few months. I want to keep a percentage-based fluid design rather than going along with some of the more static layouts that are still popular today…a cleaner approach for the layout.

I hope most of you will prefer this new design (I certainly do!) Would you prefer loading speed (faster) over images? Are posts easier to read? Please lemme know what you think by leaving your comments 😀

I welcome your thoughts, criticisms and compliments alike. Thank you all for your advice and support.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "I’m No Programmer" (3)

  1. Oh my! I blinked twice until I realized that I was indeed on Sarah's blog 🙂

    First: I LOVED your previous blog layout!
    Secondly: This layout is easier to read. Text and pictures in the center and links in the sidebars are standing out more because the background and sidebar sections are in “muted” colors as is the background of the text.

    What hasn't changed is the careful, well-organized and reader-friendly approach! And it still conveys the feeling of a very special, personal and thought-out blog diary!
    Your talent stretches across so many fields of expertise – a multi-talent is what you are, dear Sarah!

  2. Oh, I find this one much easier on the eyes. Good job!

    Of course, I confess partiality…I just spent the first part of this week revamping my blog to a three-column, hopefully cleaner, easier to read format.

  3. Looks great! I like fast loading myself. I also like the percentage based layout.

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