A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

There is something deeply satisfying, to me at least, about felting something I’ve knitted.
Easy Felted House Slippers #2 V.3
Another penny-loafer, Easy Felted Slippers V.3
French Press Slippers #3
3rd pair of French Press Slippers
with Fusion Glass Buttons by Blumenthal Lansing Co ($7/a pack of 2)

Take something big, perhaps unevenly knitted, perhaps with small holes where the color join didn’t go smoothly and toss it in a zip-lock bag with hot water, a drop of hand soap, and kneed for 15 to 30 minutes.
French Press Slippers #3 Double Sole Ready to Full
Take it out and it has been transformed into something smooth and dense and completely unlike what went in.

I like to try new techniques on felted items, as I once told a group of new knitters, all the mistakes come out in the wash. To that end, I did a magic-loop cast on and double-knit soles
Double Sole Magic Loop Cast On
knit with Size 10.5 circular needles in Patons Classic Wool Dark Heather Grey
followed by the top, knit in one piece…split into two (but still knit it two-at-time for the opening
French Press Slippers #3 Top in One Piece
applied designer’s decreases where appropriate
…seamed the heel joins together and stitched the top to the sole.

I suppose I probably should have done my first socks that way. Then I would have had, before now, this warm, cozy, and extra cushy pair of slippers. The replacement Felted Slippers V.4 are finished. I was determined to make these slippers work! Less than two hours later,
Easy Felted Slippers V.4 Close Up
inspired by French Press Slippers…with taps and La Mode buttons ($3/pack of 2)
Felted Double-Sole Slippers Top
Felted Double-Sole Slippers Side
They’re the most ridiculously easy thing to make (except maybe toothbrush sweaters,) though I should remember that felting in a bag with hot water is way easier than felting in a washing machine–probably not true for larger items.

When my teen said she wants these, I know I have a keeper! It’s pretty sturdy now, but, I may paint the bottoms with puffy paint once they’re completely dried.

Here was an experiment that technically sound
French Press Slippers #3 Knit-On Top Frogged
The result from a knit-on top was less than desirable
French Press Slippers #3 Knit-On Top Completed & Frogged
…off it went, abandoned completely, to the frog pond.

Fleegle has unvented a way to knit garter stitch in the round without purling or using wrap and turn. I found this fascinating and can’t wait to try it. All you shawl knitters out there may want to give this a look-see. Although I have been knitting for a few years and gotten pretty efficient at it, I still love it when I learn a new trick that makes the process easier. What simple tips have you learned lately?

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "52in52-2010 Challenge: #13, 14, and 15 Never Enough…Slippers" (1)

  1. Pattern, she is shouting across the ocean, I NEED that pattern. Found a Zip-lock, have handspun grey wool and ancient buttons…
    Sarah, you are constantly increasing your already incredible range of expertise!
    I recently learned how to keep a proper tension when couching. It was not so much a trick than more practice and firmer yarn.

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