A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Fiber Fun Party…Yay!

Need to get away, for a sinfully fun weekend of fiber fun? Want to try your hand at a really fun activity? Perfect. Part of my fiber experiment for this year is a bit of dyeing and painting. Thanks to sweet Pam for providing the most ideal playground.

Wilton Icing Dyed in Blue–Gradation on Wool
The last one on the left had a dash of Purple. It turned out beautifully. I learned the technique at Judith MacKenzie-McCuin’s Retreat last summer and was glad to help when Ruth wanted to experiment. I wasn’t able to get final shots to share my oooh, aaah feeling before Ruth packed up and left the party. They turned out heavenly. It is definitely worthwhile to replay when I get some time this week.

Pam’s Jacquard Dyed sock blanks–to knit up as shawl sample for a lace workshop I’ll be teaching in March
If you ask me a year ago about the color you’d get from dyeing in black, I’d have looked at you and said something profound like huh? or Ummm.

Getting such different colors from one
–Wilton’s Icing Black–is just too far out and darn cool!

I managed to finishing painting Oak and Acorns with Jacquard Dyes, but, will have to show it another day as it’s being set awaiting to be rinsed, blocked, and dried.

After a few hours of dyeing fun at Pam’s, we headed over to La Pine for a fundraiser knitting retreat put together by Heather to benefit a local community service group targeted at children 0-18 years of age. FACT (Family and Communities Together) is funded in part by a grant from the Ford Family Foundation and subsidized by community donations. It provided services to families in the La Pine community such as parent/toddler playgroups, family game nights at the elementary school, parenting classes targeting teens, toddlers, babies, early literacy, and a variety of other activities centered around involving families in education.

The retreat was held at the La Pine Community Campus building. There was also a scrapbooking retreat held in the room next door at the same time; which we could also take advantage of if we wanted to too! For $20 tax deductible donation, it included a 4-course dinner with abundance of store-bought and handmade desserts.
Can LeAnn get Rita to Drop Spindling
Rita and LeAnn
More LeAnn's Spinning
LeAnn may just persuade Rita to take up spinning 😀
Our day is not only fabulous and fun…
Heather, Rita & LeAnn
Heather, Rita, and LeAnn

Nancy is ecstatic about her surprise from Ann…a perfect match to her new spinner!
Pam and her Secret Dyed Mohair Top
Pam…concentrating on knitting her secret dyed mohair top
They are Educational!
Ann Demonstrating Navajo Knitting
Ann demonstrates how to Navajo knit the infamous French Press Slippers

There were prizes (gift certificates to a local quilt shop):
Carrie Prize Drawing

and I even won this beautiful set of note magnet and bar soap
from one of three shops owned by Carrie’s sister in Whidbey Island

Tale it how you want it told,
Sharon and her treasure made by her Hubby
…a bundle of us purely enjoy social networking and make one unforgettable memory.

I wish you all the fun as you plan your next special event!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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