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Land of Fiber Exploration

How did medieval spinners spin wool? What is used for spinning wool? What is a spinning wheel? How does the spinning wheel work? How do you build a wool spinning wheel? What materials does it take to make a wool spinning wheel?

Overstock 8-oz Potluck–mixed wool
–by Pam of Baabaara’s Wild & Wooly–all for $6!
Don’t miss out a great bargain!

What’s the machine that picks cotton named? What does a spinning wheel do for tailors? Water frame compared to the peson spinning wool? Tool used to hold un-spun fibers such as wool or flax before spinning? Machine used for spinning wool or cotton in a continuous twisting and winding motion?
Handspun Cobweb Singles Corriedale RED
Heavenly blend of colors in Corriedale Top…spun on a Wasserman Lace Spindle
Once you figure out the answers, then come the skirting, cleaning, washing, drying, carding, spinning…the million-buck question: What do you use for spinning wool?

3-ply experiment on a spindle:
one from each end of a center-pull 28-gram ball of Jacob cobweb singles (42wpi) and fine silk thread…
end result is glorious 195 yards of soft and luxurious lace-weight wonder (21wpi)

All these will end up in a color-knitting waistcoat, inspired by Alice Starmore, aka Lady Voldemort by some. (Read here for the Staremore Controversy only if you care.)

I am deeply entrenched in Starmore’s garment construction (really the best word for it) from individual stripes like Jane Seymour or Margaret Tudor. My favorite at the moment is Katherine Howard.

Another interesting question: Where can you spin wool in Runescape? (You’d know this if you are a child or one that has a child, niece, nephew et al…)

The fun continues as I transfigure stash to a charity initiative for Haiti Relief. More on that later…

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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  1. I have that Starmore book and I love it, more for the historical detail than for the knitting. Too detailed for my knitting, but it's beautiful.

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