A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I was perusing the pages of Knitter’s Magazine Winter 2009 edition this evening

and found myself in a dilemma…nearly every project is interesting, appealing to my taste. I want to knit them all. The diverse collection will keep me busy knitting/spinning well into Spring!

Then there are 60 beautiful Estonian Patent Steeks stitch (aka Brioche) patterns and 25 for garments and accessories in Knitting Brioche: The Essential Guide to the Brioche Stitch by Nancy Marchant

Bottoms Up #2 3-panel 7-segment brim
a twist of a Knit One Below 3-panel Bottoms Up with 7-segment brim and picot bind off…awaiting to be fulled
Joyce Nordstrom’s Peekins Summer Dress, in Chain-Free Crochet Made Easy

…finally I got my hands on Color by Kristin: How to Design Your Own Beautiful Knits that I’ve been dying to get:

Norwegian Dreams Pullover
who pens one of my favorite blogs, Getting Stitched on the Farm, and, oh boy, this book does not disappoint!! Gorgeous to look at–the photos are absolutely stunning! This book really brings out why I love playing with color so much.

As much as I heart to cast on all these inspiring knits, I must maintain my sanity. Keep one project at a time…okay, may be two, three…room to negotiate LOL

Here is pre-Felted House Guest Slippers Prototype #2–completely seamless

…using Judy’s Magic Cast On

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "Diverse Collection of Creative Knits" (1)

  1. I DO like those slippers… and while still more snow is piling up I am beginning to think that I NEED to do such slippers…
    You have such a knack for giving useful items their most beautiful shape and form!

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