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Catriona Vest Tunic #2

Picture can be deceiving…
Green was YESTERDAY’s black apparently, straight from teen’s mouth. We shopped for hours for alternate colors and settled on NAVY–not just any NAVY–‘cuz these Ella Rae Superwash wasn’t it.

In reality, when we got right down to the core of the matter, it’s midnight blue that she loves at the moment. Do you know how difficult it is to find midnight blue in nice yarns? Alternatively, the teen decided Aran in Merino would be satisfying.
Catriona Vest #2
3″ away from v-neck shaping…it’ll be a snugly fitted vest as ordered
Cast on on Monday afternoon so I’d have a project to work on at Soggy Stitches in the evening. I am knitting as furiously fast as I possibly can…before her taste changes–about half way done in the remake of Catriona with modifications, of course. The visually interesting Celtic 2-cable braids are so lovely and fluid that I enjoy knitting them second time around just as much as I did first–so madly in love with the design, it is almost disgusting. I don’t even have to look at my chart once the set-up row is in place. Want to give it a shot?
Catriona Vest #2
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!

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