A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

Handmade Pledge=Stress?

The best handmade Christmas present in our home this year gotta be the Oregon Duck fleece pillow with Beaver drool patches, designed and sewn by my teen for my father-in-law. My uncle-in-law told her she can sell at least 20 of them at his firm if she decides to turn it to a business!
…personal step-by-step instruction was included LOL
Down to those big final hour ‘til Christmas…I I actually took the time to finish a few more handmade charity gifts, some on an impulse:
Velvety Red for 3-year-old Charity
Velvety Cheetah for 3-year-old Charity
a couple of sewn velvety dresses that fit a 3-year-old

a pair of peek-a-poo finger-weight mittens (which will be fine-tuned in 2010)

Felted Merino Berets 62g each
a few felted berets (that I didn’t get around to embellish with needle-felting)

last but not least…my all-time favorite jewelry piece made in 2009 (if not…ever!)

Replicating an Alpaca hat my friend bought for her daughter…this one needs fine-tuning…more to come in 2010
Oink Oink Front
Oink Oink Back
Though rewarding, I find myself a bit unpleasantly overwhelmed this holiday season. My pledge, approach, and focus will be different in 2010…As much as I thrive on handmade gifts personally, my kids are delighted to get some commercially products that they wouldn’t normally receive from us like these
Loads of DS Games for DS and DD#2
So long my children are happy, I am too.
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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