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Very VOGUE Hooded Vest

Not quite over the holiday chaos…November was a blur. December goes by just as swiftly in the blink of an eye as the month before. I have been a busy girl over the bank holiday…keeping my commitment to handmade pledge.

I know Vogue Knitting isn’t for everyone. But, I love this Hooded Vest (previously shown here, here, and here!) With hours to spare…before Santa came through the chimney…thank goodness she changed her mind about having sleeves at wee hours. It was really worth all the effort of knitting. It’s lovely and cozy with a load of texture and density. The more I test-wear it, the better it fits moi!

This is a really pretty sweater coat with or without sleeves. It looks incredibly complex; but, we are talking about 4-stitch/2 rows per seeded rib and 8-stitch/4 rows per cable. Only sewing were 1) two shoulders with 3-needle bind-off and 2) stitching up pocket liners. Paired-decrease for waist shaping created a smooth, long, lean, flattering silhouette.
CAST ON: December 19, 2009
Cast Off: December 24, 2009
PATTERN: Hooded Vest by Elsebeth Lavold (from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009 edition with errata)
MATERIAL: 1182 yards, 530 grams, of Patons Classic Wool Royal Purple ($24) and 1 set of JHB NO3 Italian Pewter Clasps ($3.50)
NEEDLES: 3.75mm
MEASUREMENTS: Woman’s Extra-Small to Small
Top of Crown (Head) to Hemline 40”; Neck to hemline 30”; Crown to Neck 10”; Front Shoulder (from hood edge) 7”; Chest 30” with 4-6” negative ease; Pockets 4”x5”
1. Instead of using 5.0mm needles for achieved gauge, DD prefers smaller needles for denser fabric.
2. German-twist cast on 223 stitches–knit in a round (8+45+7+7+89+7+7+45+8)–Left out side slits unintentionally due to not reading instruction completely before cast on.
3. ERRATA: 3-st LC S2 sts to CN and hold to front, K1 yo K2 from CN.
4. Knit 20.5″ instead of 22.5″ length before armhole shaping. Instead of binding off 9 stitches (not 10 as I knit in a round) each side of back and 9 stitches (not 10 as I knit in a round) on one side of Left and Right front pieces, I put them on holders to be picked up again later for sleeves. Since DD#2 changed her mind about sleeves, I bound off these live stitches with slip-crochet method.
5. A lot of fudging to carry up pattern throughout…not sure if it’s because I wasn’t focused? Nonetheless, it worked out nicely.
6. Hood turned out too narrow to be practically. Up the size of needles on hood on next one for DD#1. Meanwhile, iron-steam blocking adjust sizing to functionally fit.
Hooded Vest VK2009 Fall Modeled
Hooded Vest VK2009 Fall JHB Italian Clasp N03 $3.50
Taking a closer look…now realize I hadn’t done borders for pockets–DUH!!! It’ll have to wait to be added…Personally, I’d add another clasp just beneath bust; DD#2 likes how it is now. Front view above, modeled by DD#2, shows most accurate color.

This is truly the best wrap-up project for 2009. I hope you all enjoy my fiber learning adventure this year.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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