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Just a few Quickies…

Regardless of the season, this coziest handbag is a must–combining an appealing mix of comfort and modern style. Unremarkable charming cable-knit are popping up everywhere. Perfect for holiday gifts.

Brea Bag, knit with US Size 9 needles, two balls of Paton Classic Wool Bright Red

Sterling Silver Summer Meadow Earrings
A simple pair of sterling silver earrings with beautiful green gems
which took less than an hour to mount and set

I’m on a really tight schedule…eeek…still plucking along on the hooded coat for DD#2…two days until Christmas.
Hooded Vest Coat VK2009 Fall Back Completed
From neckline to hem, the textured fabric stopped at 30″ long.
Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "Just a few Quickies…" (1)

  1. Can I be on your list of recipients?? LOVE the red purse!! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas!! Vicky

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