A little bit of this and, a little bit of that, makes a little bit of me.

I dutifully knit myself a swatch before starting this Hooded Vest project (from Vogue Knitting Fall 2009 edition) even though I have used the yarn a million times before and have always used needles smaller than what’s called for. I didn’t want to take anything on faith (sticking to Swatch Thursday objective); so I did what I was supposed to.
Hooded Vest Coat Swatch Back VK2009 Original
Back of Original Swatch
Hooded Vest Coat Swatch Front VK2009 Original
Front of Original Swatch
Well, in spite of being out late last night, I’m feeling pretty triumphant right now. I have met (one set of) my knitting demons and conquered them! Of course, it all stems from a mistake on my part in the first place (not checking for published errata beforehand,) and perhaps a certain amount of laziness and lack of focus, but I choose to concentrate on the good, personally.
Hooded Vest Seeded Rib Swatch Errata VK2007 Fall
Reversible Seeded Rib Swatch based on published errata
My joy is not unmitigated. Lo and behold, I got the required gauge on 5.0mm needles that the pattern called for! However, my 11-year-old likes the denser fabric in 3.75mm AND with sleeves. Though it’s harder on my poor, overworked fingers, I accepted the verdict and went with smaller needles!
Hooded Vest VK2009 Fall 51.5 Rows
51.5 rows completed, used up 223 yards/100 grams of Patons Classic Wool in Royal Purple
The piece measures only 6″ tall and 34″ circumference with roughly 4″ negative ease after hours of knitting. It’s long way from the finish line (**Sigh**) She may just not get her present until after Christmas!!!

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "Reversible Seeded Rib and Honeycomb: Hooded Vest" (1)

  1. I say only one word: Mothers!

    (adding secretely: beautiful color!)

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