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Swatch Thursday: Miter

It’s better late than never…besides, Thursday was Thanksgiving and I had much better things to attend to than swatching!

Meet HARLEQUIN from Jane Slicer-Smith’s spectacular new book SWING, SWAGGER, DRAPE: Knit the Colors of Australia. I first saw the book at Sock Summit in Portland and wanted instantly to make every coat. My pre-ordered copy finally made it to the mailbox last week while I was away for the holiday. The impatient me ended up with two copies now since I bought one at Borders in Eugene!!!!!

YARN: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool 63-285 Plum
NEEDLE: 4.0 mm
GAUGE: 6″ miter from point to point

To achieve miter gauge the pattern called for and a better drape desired, I went down a size to 3.5 mm. Mission accomplished.

This is a gorgeous, flattering, chic coat. As much as I love a black and white harlequin fabric, nipped in with one button at the waist and fitted–I am opting for some colors in my swagger that will look lovely with a jumper dress, leggings and boots–very Kate Moss!

Here is the newly acquired stash to pick from for a swagger. Any suggestion?
I have to admit…swatch and I are like water and oil. There are many instances that I heart to skip this process and go right into knitting. I am working hard to integrate…

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


Comments on: "Swatch Thursday: Miter" (1)

  1. What a beautiful coat and a georgious book.
    Shippingcost to the Netherlands are very high, otherwise I could have bought one of your copies 😉

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