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Spinning Up a Storm

Spinning itself is a joy. Perhaps not right from the start–it’s like patting my head, rubbing my tummy, and singing an upbeat little song. Once I got the meditative and calming rhythms down…once my right and left hands learned what they need to do, it is a joy, really. And the sense of connection to those who came before me and today’s spinners is wonderfully palpable. There is nothing like a gathering of friends, fun, and fiber.

I am always in awe when someone musters up the patience to spin a whole sweater’s worth of yarn…but am inspired to give it a try. First up is some Merino, Baby Camel and Angora blend my 13-year-old picked out a while back and spun up a bobbin-full of sport-weight thick & thin.

Now, I am spinning the rest of the 4-ounce combed top on Pipy Wendy.

This is much faithful to its color
Though soft and beautiful, the prepared fiber is a bit neppy than I care for. At this point, not much I can do. I think even a lumpy worsted spun would look good in Diamond-Bordered Pullover by Michele Rose Orne. I may have trouble with pilling but it would be a great looking garment.

On Pipy Saxony currently is this wonderful 50/50 yak and merino blend by Spirit Trail, acquired at SOAR Spiner’s Market. It is truly exquisite, in beautiful deep purple hues, like butter on the fingers! So soft and smooth…

Next on the Lady Mazurka is 7.1-ounce of hand-dyed Bluefaced Leicester (BFL), acquired again at SOAR Spinner’s Market:

…will be spun three-ply. The color is deep and muted–not pastel as pictured.
Sweet Pam stocked her shop recently with 22 pounds of Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) from Ashland Bay. Offered at $16.25/pound, I couldn’t resist in getting a pound for some combing, blending, and dyeing experiments.

I still spin thin and quite tight in general. As I gain experience through practice, I am getting a better feel for what the fiber wants to be and adjust accordingly. If you are in need of a quiet, calm evening and/or centering activity, give spinning a whorl (bad spinner’s pun.) If you are local, I’d happy to connect you with two local, weekly spin-a-long gatherings.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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