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HandDyeing Fun

It’s taken me three full days to recover from Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR.) A LOOOOOONG recap will be forthcoming…

On Monday, I quickly knit up Blue Harmony, complimentary pattern by talented designer Suzy Crancer. It is for Cheri Harris, in memory of her mother whom I was blessed with my latest Ashford Traditional. Cheri’s favorite color is blue. When I saw the moon rise over Awbrey Butte (shown above,) I knew what Blue Harmony would become. After hours of soaking in water and lemon juice, I hand painted the lacey beanie with Jacquard Brilliant Blue & Sky Blue solutions and a dab of Wilton’s Icing Grape over the edge…steamed over stove top for 20 minutes and let it cool in dish overnight. It will be washed with vinegar bath after it’s been dried for best result.

Gradation is much deeper and richer than shown.

Since Judith MacKenzie McCuin’s dyeing workshop in August, I’ve become interested in learning and experimenting more hand-dyeing my own yarn, roving, and fleece. If you’re as intimidated as I am with acid dyes (that are the best for wool,) you may try Wilton’s Icing Gels (available at Michael’s.) As long as you use vinegar or lemon juice, it will be colorfast. The icing dyes end up with very vibrant colors. Remember to soak the yarn/roving in vinegar, wear latex gloves, and just paint the yarn/roving by applying color directly to it, scooping out the dye and brushing or rubbing on.

Here is very first success over stove top:

I smell more projects coming on with Wilton Icing and Kool-Aid Dyeing! Not only was it really easy and fun, the end products are unpredictably beautiful. I am so glad that I took the plunge. It’s addictive. I love how they all morphed into hues I so adored.

Here’s the best photo tutorial found on hand-dyeing roving and yarn. It’s extremely clear and straightforward.

Do you have experience with hand-dyeing with Kool-Aid, Crystal Light, Wilton Icing, or normal acid dyes? Have good resources to share? I just fall in love with beautiful yarns.

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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