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Spinning Tuesday

As soon as Sedona Sunset was off the needles, I immediately set to work on my next spinning project. My goal for this shetland, another generous gift (50 more grams of roving) from my spinnerati friend LeAnn, was the same as the last: to spin 2-ply lace-weight yarn for Glowy Bat.

Finally plied–261 yards of light fingering 2-ply. Decided to give it a thorough bath to get most of the grease off.
Spinning such fine yarn took a good deal of time. I quickly found out that four ounces is a surprising amount of fiber. I knew that two ounces can be a lot especially after spinning Wolf Creek Foxglove–for example, Jaggerspun Zephyr, at 620 yards. Though I was optimistic, I knew that expecting that from handspun might be a little unrealistic for an inexperienced spinner like me. Really, I didn’t know how much I could expect. So when I finally wound off my finished yarn and did the math, I was pleased to find that I had about 532 yards of singles out of 56 grams of all usable carded rovings.

Another 4-ounce of 1290 yards of merino and tussah singles in natural white by Baabaara Wild & Wooly.

Split into thirds; spun on Traddy, Pipy Wendy, & Mazurka; and 3-plied on Mazurka
The longer silk fibers really help to keep the Merino fibers together even when I drew out the fibers very thinly. I’m wondering now, if this is the reason for my early spinning success–silky fiber blends are more suitable for spinning lace yarn?

From left to right: 6.4-ounce of GOLDEN merino/tussah blend and 5-lb EXPRESSO buttery,smooth, & silky alpaca on 2.1- and 1.6-ounce Jenkens Turkish Spindles
Clock is tickin’…I am racing to get all spinning WIPs currently on bobbins–OFF–so I will have plenty to PLAY at SPIN-OFF Autumn Retreat (SOAR) on Thursday…two days away 😀

Happy crafting and keep those creative juices running!


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